It was a song with no words, just tears

Like fallen stars from the heavens

To rain down from our bitter eyes.

I didn't want to listen anymore but,

I couldn't block out the melody.

It tore through my heart with its sorrow

Burying itself deeply into my soul,

I wanted to escape into silence's embrace

Instead I was forced to endure the rhapsody.

I watched her standing alone, so close

With muted wails twisting her face with tragedy.

I drew back still entranced, but afraid

A great deal of horror would be needed

To change a person's future for the worst.

On and on she played well into the night,

The notes stirring the air like burdened whispers

So seductive to their audience they can't let go.

It was a different tune from ancient times

A mourning that refuses to pass on and let her find

A new path to travel beyond loneliness

It seemed as if she was doomed to play on forever

Her eyes gleaming with unshed pain,

Memories filtering into the air around her.

I watched her until the stars faded into morning

Before I, too, turned and left her to a forgotten world

I couldn't take away her burden, so I would forget.

I would go and never come back to see

The girl with the sad eyes playing a violin

To a song with no words, just tears