Chapter 1

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Roxanne's POV

"Roxanne Porter Robilard get down here this instant!"
My mom was evidently in a bad mood, that's the only time she ever used my full name. Not wanting to further endanger my life, I dropped what I was doing, and I mean that literally. The cans of paint I had been holding fell from my hands in a clatter, and rolled across the floor, luckily the lids were closed and nothing got on the floor. Wincing at the sound, I jogged down the stairs towards my moms voice. Abruptly sliding to a halt at the sight of the intimidatingly tall gentleman towering over her, I managed to keep up a who-cares facade,

"Yeah?" I threw a glance in my moms direction, "What do you want?"


"You know you aren't allowed to call me that!" I glowered at her now, that was my dads pet-name for me, before he died last year that is.

"Roxanne then, dear, I just wanted to introduce you to --"

"Ronnie. I'm Ronnie." Mr. Tall-Pale-and Handsome broke in, "It's a pleasure to meet you Roxanne." He added, taking my hand in his and lifting it to his lips to kiss it,

"Yeah, well I wish I could say the same.". I snarled snatching my hand back, "But you'll find its in your best interests to keep your paws off me!"


"It's Roxanne!" I corrected for the second time, before allowing her to go on,

"Roxanne, I just wanted to introduce you to Ronnie here," she glanced up at him "because. Well, you're going to be spending your summer break with him, and his family. Getting to know them...And living with them."

"Keep dreaming." I snorted."Roxy!" she burst out again, only to be interrupted by Ronnie once more."Roxanne, sweetheart, your mother thought we should break it to you gently, after you had gotten to know me, but I disagree. You should know what's going on from the start. And the truth is we're engaged. Have been since we were born. I just found out myself yesterday, and thought we should get to know one another, hence your spending summer break with my family."

Looking at his serious expression I couldn't stop my laughter, but I managed to choke out,
"Uhh. No we're not. There is no way in HELL I'd marry you."

My mother looked flabbergasted at my blunt statement, but that was quickly changed to fury.
"Yes you will. Go pack your bags, NOW!"

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