Author's Note:

I'm baaaaaaack! Yay! It seems that my inspirations flows again after changing a few of my writing methods and I looove it. Anyway, this is just a simple, basic, one-shot story. Enjoy!



by: Shikaido Yuki

I have two hearts in my chest.

One dedicated to my boyfriend, another for his best friend, who is also my best bud. I love them both and I don't know whom to choose. Heck, I don't even know whether it's love or just a temporary feeling that will soon vanish and leave without a trace.

"Dennis? Are you okay?" Jeremy waves his hand in front of me. I blink, a bit confused.

Oh yeah, I'm in Jeremy's house now, studying for the upcoming final exams together. We live practically next door; I just moved here three months ago and since then, we become best friends. It doesn't happen in a flash, though, but ever since I figured out the boy next door is actually a friend from school... we often go home together, study together, and building a strong friendship at the same time.

I love Jeremy, as a brother, a friend, and sometimes, a lover.

But I've got myself a solid ol' BF. His name is Sean.

Jeremy is smarter than Sean; he has more friends, he is more charismatic, more handsome, and definitely much, much cuter-slash-hotter. I don't know about the 'bling-bling', but they do have enough shine.

"Den?" Jeremy's voice echoes in my head again.

I sigh. I love his voice, it was... so gentle and caring... both feminine and masculine at the same time...

But I have to get out of my dreams.

Jeremy is definitely out of my reach. He chooses whom he's friends with, and annoyingly more picky about girls.

I'm not that beautiful or that fun to be with. I'm just an average fifteen year old girl; Jeremy will never choose me. He has this 'taste' for model-like girlfriends.

It is not a consideration, though. Sean and I became a couple five months ago, two months before I met Jeremy.

Ironic, isn't it?

Don't get me wrong. I love Sean; I am just confused whether I love Jeremy or not. If I do love him then, will I ever leave Sean for him?

Hmm... hard question.

"Dennis!" Jeremy shouts.

"What?!" I exclaim back in surprise.

He let out his oh-so-adorable smile, "Spacing out again? You must be thinking about Sean," he shrugs, "Too bad I'm the one who lives here, not him."

On the contrary, Jer, I think to myself, I do thank God that you live here instead of Sean.

Another sigh.

Why am I in this kind of mess? Argh.

I have to lie to reply, "Yeah... I miss him so much. I'm glad the pre-exams break is going to end soon."

Sean's parents are very strict about scores. He isn't allowed to go ANYWHERE during the pre-exams break. "Pre-exams is a special time provided to prepare you for the exams," his mother said (grumbled, to be honest), "That is why you should make use of it the best you can. So no hanging out. No TV or Internet either for a week, mister."

At least he still has his cell phone with him.

Jeremy laughs, "You're such a miserable lover, Den. Come on, let's get back to our study." He diverts his attention back to the books, hoping I will do the same thing, which I don't.

Instead, I examine his flawless face. Jeremy is a religious man. He goes to church on Sundays and joins the Bible Club. He truly believes in his God.

So why am I hesitating for a better guy?

However, Sean... he's the kindest, most patient person in this planet. I know he'll give me the world if I ask him to.

That is why, I am hesitating.

"Is there something on my face?" Jeremy asks, smiling.

Oh no! I'm spotted! I quickly make up something, "Something is different about you... Ah!" I clicked my fingers, "Where's your glasses?"

"I don't wear them at home, remember?"

Of course I remember, how can I forget?

I was about to say something else when my cell phone vibrates. I pick it up; it's Sean.

"Den? I was wondering... which do you like the most? Orange, green, or white?" He sounds like he's in a hurry, my answer comes fast, "White. Why?"

"Oh, just be prepared for a sweet surprise. Bye, Hun."


I look at Jeremy, and then back at my cell phone; its monitor is still blinking Sean's name.

Then I smile to myself.

I'm so stupid to even consider abandoning Sean.

There is no guy in this world loves me more than he does. There is no one in this world as innocent as he is; and there is nobody, I'm sure, who is more patient than he is.

Sean has everything; looks, wealth, and the most important thing: kindness and pure heart.

Two kinds of things Jeremy does not possess. He is plain handsome and everything... but Sean has the 'X factor', which drives me crazy about him.

"Den? Why are you smiling? Is there something funny I should smile about too?" Jeremy's voice brings me back to reality for the umpteenth time this morning.

"Nah... I just remembered something. Consider it as an intermezzo."



One-shot, like I promised. Hope you enjoyed reading it and tell me what you think! Thanks a lot, GBU.