Dear Curious Reader,

I may very well have a quite serious drug problem. Though I am not in denial and admit this fact to myself I look at it as such:

Drugs are illegal because they are quite powerful and supposedly have no medical usage. Though as we can assume from the drugs used for medical purposes addiction potential is not a factor in determining the legality of a drug. Because of their illegality they are hard to obtain. Because of this addicts or drug connoisseurs go to great lengths to procure them for usage often times bordering on the dangerous or immoral in order to get their fix. So. Is the problem the legality or the addiction? Almost everyone will say that the addiction is the worst thing about evil drugs like heroin or cocaine though they never take into account the irony of what they just stated. Addiction. Addiction is not separate to each substance or activity. There is no hierarchy of addiction. No addiction to any certain substance is any better or any worse or any easier or any harder than any other. The only thing to take into account is that the withdrawal from the physical addition to alcohol can kill you.

Addiction is addiction. Everyone has heard of shopping addicts or video game addicts and everyone brushes them off with some silly ennui because unless it involves needles or rolled bills there isn't enough romanticism to hold them captive. Addiction is just as dark and dirty as the alleyways that frame everyone's favorite drug movies. No matter what the focus of the addiction is. Shopping addicts destroy their lives to the same extent as heroin addicts. There's just no interesting story about how they staple gunned themselves to the wall to fuel the news's never ending quest for blood. There is this movement to ignore the fact that naturally occurring chemicals in your brain are just as addictive and dangerous as those that you add in (to trigger these same naturally occurring chemicals). Endorphins feel damn good. If they came in a pill or powder they'd be the new hot drug on the street. Dopamine is the king. That's some good shit right there. Serotonin would get main lined and Adrenalin; well there are already adrenalin junkies.

Substances or activities are only abused because they produce these far more powerful chemicals. These delicious feelings that we all experience day to day. Don't you ever wish you could bottle up the feeling of succeeding, being recognized, loved, appreciated, having someone compliment you, being right, finding out something interesting, falling in love, being excited, opening a present, feeling warm and cozy and content? Wouldn't life be grand if you could feel like that all the time? Wouldn't it become your crutch. Anything can be an addiction. Drugs aren't bad because otherwise we'd all be shopping addicts and well…fuck the economy.