Dirt and Water

The psychology of success gurgles
And bubbles from my mouth in an incoherent mess.
Frigid nonsense saliva creeps to the
Corners of my lips and begs consistency of this
Distress. Spoken like a real somebody,
This soapy filth I'm manufacturing dribbles down
My cheeks into my ears in heavy streams
And screams drab delinquency for me to hear. Absorbed
Like a true nobody, the mess in my
Ears makes the fog so clear, I hold my confusion near
Like the enemy of my enemy.
Fighting back the urge to swallow, my mouth spits
Intelligence into my face, screams at
Me to replace every dream and idea and to
Never swallow. Existence is senseless
And its pointlessness is what keeps us entertained. It
Is amazing the time I've wasted on
Understanding the misunderstanding behavior
That ends in permanence; the recipe
For success was drowned forever ago; even Freud
Was a failure. Extinguish the thoughts of
Persistence, success is a quarry depleted and soapy,
And swallow, swallow, swallow.