I am Colin Paxter, an ex-employee of the LifeField Corporation. Recently, the government assigned me to document the events that happened after July 7, 2075. This documentation may never reach the public for the simple reason that the majority of humanity doesn't live on earth anymore except for a small number of government scientists that are monitoring the earth's surface for changes. The surface changed rapidly as result of the tapering ozone layer of what used to be our atmosphere. Our earth overheated and became almost as brutal as Venus. The abrupt overheating of the earth caused the water to become almost unbearable until the icecaps thawed. They caused the earth to cool down to an average temperature of one hundred and fifty in the day and below zero at night. It took the earth only a year to completely become a desolate planet. By the year 2051, there was nobody living on the face of the earth. These extreme temperatures caused humanity to scramble to Mars.

Luckily, the infamous LifeField had terraformed Mars. The process took roughly twenty-five years to accomplish and they started in 2010. After they had made the environment ideal for human life, plants were brought to start producing oxygen. That phase of the development took another ten years. By 2046, they started constructing buildings for their business such as mining plants and research facilities. Within another couple of years they had build many different styles of houses and thousands of residencies. Mars was perfectly capable of holding millions of people within fifty years of development. They had almost ten percent of the surface of Mars covered in civilization and it would only become more developed as time progressed.

The War on Terrorism at the beginning of the new millennium caused countries to frantically start building sea labs in hope of striking oil underwater. Luckily these labs could support thousands of people living in each one and about ten thousand of them were built. LifeField shuttled their commercial spaceships at night to ensure that nothing would warp in the abrasive wind and extreme heat. The spaceships were consistently shuttled back and forth until all that remained were the government scientists and researchers. They were trying to come up with a means to terraform Earth. Scientists thought that they might be able to find a way to transform Earth back into something livable again, but it would take longer than Mars because the atmosphere needed to be repaired so drastically.

Major companies paid LifeField billions of dollars to bring their corporations to Mars. Unfortunately, there were billions of people that needed transportation upwards as well. LifeField would visit the various sea labs and would restock their food and other vital equipment to assure the sea labs could survive on their own for long periods of time. The emergency supply they had in the labs ensured if anything were to happen to them that they would be safe for years until LifeField could save the day, for a small price.

People quickly adjusted to life on Mars. Before long they established television stations, news, and even farms. People seemed to calm down as well with the population of Mars, and the murder rate went down to only a dozen a day. The heating of the earth caused people to become easier to infuriate, this caused there to be thousands of murders a day per continent. Communication between Earth and Mars was established in the year 2053. Therefore, the various sea labs were able to talk to their loved ones and people through an updated version of the Internet that could travel through space.

In 2054, all of the shuttles remained on Earth for unknown reasons. A sea lab off the coast of Washington D.C. saw a building was being erected. Pictures circulated of an enormous concrete building as it took shape. There were no windows on this building, possibly to try to keep the heat of the building down. Advanced air conditioning systems were placed on the roof. It looked as if they were liquid cooling systems that could circulate throughout the building. It was twenty stories tall and at least ten acres per floor. There was one like it on Mars, but it was a mere two acres per floor with only five stories.

A year after the completion of the building, 2056, LifeField stopped donating food and shelter to the public and opened up jobs in their company to anybody that wanted to. Millions of people applied for jobs on Mars, most of them ended up transferring to Earth. Being a poor, naive nineteen-year-old orphan I joined the LifeField monopoly right after they started offering jobs. To this day, it was the biggest mistake of my life.