Chapter 34

It was embarrassing learning I was marrying the CEO of the company I was beginning to hate. But if what she said was true, she despises LifeField as much as I do.

Eva walks over to Harlow. The surgery went beautifully, so she told us. I couldn't tell. "How are you feeling?"

Harlow opens his mouth to talk and sighs. He raises his hand and wobbles it.

"Mediocre?" She asked.

He nodded slowly.

"You should be back to normal in a couple days."

Harlow responds with a weak grin.

"How long?" I asked Eva softly.


"Have you been in here?"

"I like the sungoggles on you. It makes you look mysterious." She said segueing out of the conversation I was trying to have with her.

"We're going to get you out of here soon."

Eva started caressing my arm.

I pulled away sharply. "I'm engaged. I don't need any more comfort." I was becoming frustrated. "Elliot is single. He'd love your attention."

My life had become complicated, especially after I joined LifeField. My love life thrived, when it shouldn't. Social life involved talking about genes and how much of freaks we can become. My life had left normal long behind.

Venus slowly approached me. "Hi." She was nervous. I could tell by the way she was hesitant, about how she touched me, and even spoke. "I'm sorry." Her voice was barely more than a whisper.

"Why? Why did you come with us? You knew it was a suicide mission." I wasn't frustrated with her as much as I was with her putting herself in danger when she didn't need to.

"I was sick of telling people what to do." She said resting her head on my shoulder, wrapping her arms around my chest. "I wanted to be a leader. Or at least a soldier."

"Well here you are." I laid my head on hers.

"So…are you mad at me?"

"I-not now. I'm still numb." I thought for a moment. "Who am I marrying?"

"Me." She said nervously.

"You don't sound excited."

"I was."


"Now this. I should have heard about it." I could feel her silently sobbing.

"Ale-Venus…we can work it out."

"I swore I was going to have a normal life. Alexa was my-"

"We will make it work." I said brushing the back of my hand against her cheek.

A loud but muffled explosion could be heard downstairs. "Sonofabitch!" Elliot yelled jerking up from his sleep.

"What?" Eva asks. Standing suspiciously close to him.

"They got in to the panic room." Elliot said as the color drained from his face.