Sweet boy, my boy

Your gracious mouth

Has smiled at me.

A casual touch.

I don't know why I

Blush under your gaze.

My/Your actions yet pure, but my thoughts are of you.

A chaste kiss upon thy brow,

A soft gasp, then a shy, secret,

Knowing smile. Just for me.

I have found a haven in

Your embrace, but don't

Think that I am naïve.

If I tell you what I feel, will you stay?

Or will you shy away?

Will your once loving eyes

Hold fear for me?

Do you fear what they will

Say about you? I'm not afraid,

I crave your acceptance more.

Tell no one, they'll never understand.

Such a good boy,

So clever and trusting,

I fear I'll tarnish you.

I'm not yet ready, but I

Trust you to decide how

Far we should go.

Innocent and jaded, don't leave me.

Don't listen to their lies.

I'd sooner tear myself asunder

Before I'd ever wound you.

I've been craving affection

For so long. You give and

I give back my all.

To give and ask for nothing; we know what true love is.

So eager to give to me,

Yet you know not what

You dare to offer.

Patience, chastity; this

Secret waiting game bends us,

But we will not break.

Who knows what they must think of us.Who cares?

Big eyes and coltish limbs;

I want to devour you,

To make you gasp and shudder.

I feel it too, and need it

Just as much. I'm anxious,

But determined.

A mere caress, nothing more, yet I feel nothing else.

Humbert, I feel for you.

Young things can be a

Dangerous temptation.

I am too young to have regrets.

And now I know what I

Suspected all along.

Maybe Lolita wanted it too.