By Andy the Star

Bits and Pieces of Old Works

Broken promises and dreams released from the realm of reality

Today a new bridge was burned between us and the rivers they now flood with differences and grievances abound

I'm just writing, sht that I can't say, stuff that eats at me, things I have to get out, bits and pieces of my life that haunt every fiber of my being

I'd rather see the red lines of death spreading up my arm then slowly lose my mind as I do now

Please be with me now – let's end this game. You put everything else I've ever wanted to shame.

Perception can change the world; my own eyes deceive me now, blinded by some unknown desire. I see me with you; minds can play tricks too, the kind that hurt. As memories fade, so do our lives. The heart plays the worst trick of all; love never dies. The feelings are all trapped inside, even when we're all gone. Your soul lives on if you believe, mine is damned to no existence beyond this life with me. Pain of knowing the end is closer than it ever was keeps my perception dark and fearful. If I believed, would I be happy?

You are alone and no one cares about you. But will they remember you when you're gone? What goes through your head as you turn the key in the ignition? The doors are shut – you're locked in; there's no turning back. Now you feel it begin – the pain must be horrible. It's the last you ever feel and I hope you thought of all the people who care about you before you died. What a mistake you had made, as you left this life. Why would you leave us so selfishly? So what if you had it a little rough right now – who hasn't been there? Why did you have to jump to this extreme, so suddenly? One day you were there playing cards, and the next you were gone – forever. Now the blame is killing everyone who knew you, but it's not us who killed you.


More To Come