By kat- Open Doors- Chapter 1 – Dean Peters

I couldn't like him, he was DEAN. DEAN PETERS! Everyone liked him, but I didn't want to be like everyone. Right?

It was hard to concentrate as he looked into my eyes, and all I could do was stare back like some idiot. My heart was doing something It never did before. It was out of control. I started to realise simple things such as breathing were getting harder to do, as I looked into his eyes.

That's when I realized… I was in love with Dean Peters

She's Beautiful, but completely oblivious. He's hot, but amazingly immature. Leigh and Dean were best friends growing up, but got split up at the age of 8. She returns to find Dean a totally different person from her memory. Could that chubby, cute little boy be the same person as the dirty blonde, well built, deep blue eyed jock standing in front of her? Apparently yes, it could…

Leigh's returned to the place where she grew up. California. It's been 9 years since she's returned home, and 9 years since she's seen DEAN. When she returns to her school Renolds High, it's different from what she remembers, more importantly HES different from what she remembers. He's the typical jock who cares about parties, girls, and parties. But when he's with her all his previous cares disintegrate. Soon she finds herself falling for the jock that everyone wants. But the most important question is, is he falling for her?

I felt the sun on my face shining through my window. I rolled over and sighed and tried to go back to sleep. I knew I had to get up, but not for school.

"You better get up soon, we're meeting the Peters in like 30 minutes" The annoying voice of Sam, my older brother said. He was 18 and unlike me had blonde hair. He was the sort of guy who basically partied most of the time, and pretty much got wasted (The thing about Sam was he was an overprotective brother. Some people might think that's sweet that your brothers so protective, but trust me it can be really annoying, especially when he beats up all your guy friends). I on the other hand was 17 and had brown hair and blue eyes. I was his sister, and most people remembered me because of him. He wasn't the most popular guy in school or anything, but he was with that crowd. I wasn't, I thought all that stuff was over-rated, and all those people care about is looks, fun, getting wasted, sex. "Leigh! Get up" Sam said nudging me.

"Just a few more minutes" I groaned and pulled my blanket up. I could get up early, if I wanted to, but then again I guess everyone could. Unlike when I was 8 years old and woke up early at 6am to watch cartoons, now I classified myself as a late morning person. I knew I wasn't an easy person to wake up, and there was probably only one was to do it.

I felt the icy cold water hit my face, my eyes opened and I glared at my brother. "Ugh! You know there are other ways to wake a person up!" I screamed

He just stood there with an amused look on his face. "I know, but your not a person Leigh, you're a girl. Plus you wouldn't have gotten up if the house was on fire, water was the only way" He grinned. I glared back and pushed the covers off of me. I got up out of my bed and stepped around the cheerful boy. God he was so annoying. "I'd better hurry up if I were you, mum said to tell you we're meeting your old best friend or something" He yelled after me.

I walked down the hall, the wooden floor was cold. The Peters were family friends, and I knew their one of their sons since I was 2. Mum kept in contact with their parents while we were gone, but that was it. Sam and I haven't seen them since I was 8 and he was 9. I turned right into the bathroom and looked at the face staring back at me, my reflection. I looked way too tired, and I felt it. I turned on the taps and washed my face in the warm water. I brushed my teeth, combed my hair, applied some lip gloss and eye liner and walked out.

"Good morning honey" My mum said as she walked pasted me "I don't know if your brother told you yet but we're meeting the Peters, remember them?" she smiled. My mum had blonde hair and blue eyes just like my brothers. She was a single parent, so she was busy 24/7 with work. She was a doctor so she spent basically all of her time at the hospital, which meant Sam and I were practically living alone.

"Yeah" I replied smiling back. I walked back to my room and looked at my closet. I threw on a t-shirt I got from New York that had 'I love New York' printed in big bold letters on the front, and blue jeans.

"Leigh we have to get going now, so get in the car" My mum said as she rushed around and made sure she looked decent. Sam shrugged and walked out the front door.

"What about breakfast?" I sighed

"Forget about that, now hurry up and get in the car" I shrugged and followed Sam out the front door

"Sam wait up!" I ran after him down the steps. He was a fast walker, whether he did it intentionally, I don't know. I got into the black Nissan and sat down in the back with him. I punched his shoulder "Jeez you walk fast!"

"No, you just walk slow" I raised an eyebrow. There was a nice 2 minutes of silence in the car then I heard him mutter "I don't see why we have to go meet the Peters, I mean you and I haven't seen them in what, 9 years? It's going to be a complete waste of time"

"They probably feel the same way Sam" He looked at me like I was crazy

"Do you even remember them?" emphasizing on the word 'remember' "They pretend to be all family like, even though you know Tom is still mourning over Sharon" Tom was Mr. Peters, and Sharon was Mrs. Peters. Unfortunately Sharon died in a car crash. Tom was driving the car when it happened; she went into a coma and never woke up. So Tom was a single parent, and had been ever since I was 3, so I didn't remember Sharon. There were pictures around their house of Tom and Sharon, but that was it.

"Well I don't remember them I just remember us going over there when we were like 7, but I remember Dean." Sam rolled his eyes

"Of course you remember Dean" He smiled, but before he could continue, our mum got in to the car.

"Okay, I know you haven't seen the Peters in a long time" Sam snorted "But I want you two to be good"

When we finally got there, which was like a 2 minute drive I looked up at the house. I looked slightly bigger than ours, and had a neat garden with a water fountain in the front yard. The house was a light sort of yellow and had a black roof. We walked up the steps and my mum rung the door bell as Sam raised an eyebrow.

The door opened to reveal a spacious house, the ceilings where high, and the floor was tiled. "Stacey its' so good to see you again" Mr. Peters said as he greeted my mother "And look at you two, you've grown up" I smiled while Sam nodded back. We walked in the house and sat down on the couch. "Dean, Daniel!" Mr. Peters yelled.

A boy appeared he looked about 14, so I guess that was Daniel. The kid had black hair that was obviously dyed, and wore baggy jeans with a black shirt with some rock bands picture on it. Another boy appeared he looked completely different from Daniel. He had dirty blond hair, and deep blue eyes, and I was pretty sure he was part of the 'in' crowd in school. They both just stood there and looked at their father.

"Well, do you two want to go hang out with Dean and Daniel, or whatever it is you kids do these days" It was obvious he was trying to be one of those cool dads.

"Yeah okay" I walked over to the two boys standing there. "Dean Peters?" I smiled

"Leigh Collins" he laughed

"I haven't seen you in ages" I smiled. You know that feeling when you just know someone? Well instead of that awkward feeling that I hardly knew the guy, we just sort of clicked.

"Yeah, where'd you go again?" He asked as he walked up the stairs towards his room. I followed. His room had posters of bands up on the walls, and was messy. "Excuse the mess" He said

"Haha its okay, I went to Australia, my rooms probably messier" I said, finding a place on the floor to sit down that was not carpeted in clothes.

"I thought you just moved in" He sat down next to me

"I did" he smiled "You know, you look totally different from when we were 9, I mean look at you, your all grown up!"

"Yeah you too" he looked around "So do you want to do anything?"

"Wanna play basket ball?" I asked standing up

"Sure" We walked back down the stairs and into the garage. He picked up the orange coloured basket ball and dribbled it at his side. He walked through the house to the back yard. "Do you play?" He threw the ball at me

"Not really" I aimed at the hoop, and shot. The ball rolled around the rim of the hoop and fell out. He caught it and made a shot, his was a perfect swish. "Wow you're really good"

"I play for the school" He passed me the ball once again. I dribbled the ball in my right hand and went for a lay up. "You're not so bad yourself" he caught the ball

"Thanks, so Dean Peters, do you have any other hidden talents?" I laughed

"I can name a few" he smiled" but if you're referring to sport, I play basket ball and soccer for the school"

"Wow you must be good" he went for a shot and another 'swish'. I sat down at the side of the court "Compared to you I must suck" I laughed

"No your fine, here ill show you" He said as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me up. He stood behind me, his chest to my back, and held the ball in front of me. "Now bend your knees, aim of the little black box"

Then Sam walked out and looked at Dean's position around me. His eyes widened. "Leigh, what the hell are you doing with him?" there was anger in his voice, but more worry. See the thing about my brother is what you would call over protective. Practically any guy who looks my way is his enemy, and if a non-family friend had been in Dean's position at this very moment, that kid would be very unlucky. Unlike me, my brother chooses to resolve things in violence, and unlike me, he saw Dean making a move on his little sister.

Dean's arms dropped to his sides and he took a step back "He was just showing me how to shoot" Sam walked over and grabbed my arm "Oh my God, Sam let go I'm not 5!" I screamed. "He's just showing me how to shoot a basket-ball!" And with that Sam dragged me to the car "Bye Dean, sorry" I said before we reached the car, he walked through the house and found our mother

"I'm going to take Leigh home" He said and walked out the front door to the car. I thought about making a run for it but he'd probably catch me, and I'd look like an idiot, so I got into the car.

"What is your problem?" He ignored me as he backed out of the driveway "Hello? Sam, he was just showing me how to shoot some hoops, he wasn't doing anything wrong, so don't be such an ass hole!"

"Leigh! Girls like you get horny bastards chasing after them. You can't see it yourself, so I have to drive them away" He said "It's my freakin' responsibility"

"No one asked you too" I sulked

"Yeah no one did, but you're my little sister, and I don't want some guy feeling up my little sister. You don't see it, but there are heaps of guys out there who are after one thing."

"What are you trying to protect me from? I can look after myself"

He snorted "You cannot look after yourself, and I don't want you getting hurt, now end of discussion" I rolled my eyes. The last minute of the 2 minute drive was nothing but silence. He stepped out of the car and walked over and opened the front door, he stalked up to his room.

"Sam I hate you!"

Why doesn't she understand, I'm only doing this because I love her. I'm just glad I walked out, if I hadn't who knows what he could have done to her. It was so much easier when we were kids, and the fact that we've moved again means I'm going to have to start the message again. In our old school everyone knew to stay away from her or else I'd beat the crap out of them. So over here there might be a few casualties. I've been to those parties, I know what goes on. Every boy at our age is after one thing…

"Sam I hate you!" I heard Leigh yell

"I know you do, but I'm just trying to protect you" I muttered to himself

I woke up to my alarm. The only day when I ever actually use my alarm clock is the first day of school, and today was that day.

"New school, New friends, New life" I muttered to myself "New brother" I mumbled

"You wish" Sam said. He was standing at my door way leaning on the door frame

"What the hell are you doing here Sam" I glared at him, and made my way to the bathroom

The first day of school, the day that determines what group you'll be in, who you'll be. Loser, Dork, Nerd, Popular, Bitch, Slut, Normal, Punk, Goth, well you get the idea. To tell the truth I didn't really care that much what group I was in, I just didn't want to be in the bitch/ slut category.

I did what I did every morning, washed my face, brushed my teeth, eyeliner and lip gloss. I waled back to my room and got changed into a black t-shirt that said 'do I look like I care' and another pair of jeans. I walked out and grabbed a bowl or Cheerio's. I was still pissed off at Sam, but he was Sam, my brother.

"Look Leigh I'm sorry" he said "Well I'm not for what I did, but sorry for pissing you off" he said quietly looking down at his bowl of cereal

Was that meant to be an apology? 'Well, I'm not sorry for what I did' I guess he tried, trust me it was not easy to get an apology out of him. "It's okay Sam…" After that there was silence at the table, "Where's mum?" I asked

"At work" Something was bothering him; maybe he was upset about last night or something. Or maybe he was just being Sam.

I got up and washed my bowl. "You ready?" I opened the front door and stepped outside. The wind blew in my face, and the sun was rising.

"Yeah" He said as he closed the front door behind him.

A better question to ask would be 'was I ready?'

We drove into the parking lot and he parked the car not to far from the school. We walked up to the intimidating school. There were students walking around, chatting with friends.

"You know where to go?" He asked obviously not wanting to be seen with his little sister

"Sam I'm not 3, I am fully capable of finding my classes, now go before anyone sees you with me" I joked

He raised one eyebrow "Fine, Ill meet you at the car after school"

"Bye" I walked down the crowed halls, feeling the stares of people. I hated drawing attention to myself, so I just put my head down and walked faster. I tried to find the classroom C17, C17, C17… I looked around, totally clueless on where to go.

"Excuse me do you need some help there?" I looked up to a blue eyed boy.

"DEAN!" I exclaimed "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Well I go to this school, so…" he looked around

"Oh, right, I totally forgot" Feeling like a complete and total idiot

"So that classroom" he prodded

"Yeah C17… this school is so big I can't even find a classroom starting with C"

"C17, you're in my homeroom" He said with a huge smile on his face "Do you know what locker you have?" He started walking down the hall

"Nope, they said they'd tell me at homeroom"

"HEY! DEAN what's up man?" A brown haired guy said to Dean. He was wearing a red and white basket-ball jersey. I turned to Dean and notice he wore the same one.

"Hey, Michael" he lifted his head in acknowledgment

A group of girls passed, which wore a cheerleading uniform "Dean!" they waved

He smiled and kept walking "Wow looks like I'm with the most popular guy in school" I said turning to Dean

"Haha, they're just friends" I think he missed my point, I KNEW they were his friends… "Okay we're here" He said as I looked up at the big C17 sign on the door.

"Thanks Dean"

"No problem" He smiled "By the way, I'd watch out if I were you Mrs. SUVRUP is harsh" Mrs. SUVRUP? Oh right! The homeroom teacher!

"Thanks" he walked off to a desk and was suddenly surround by a group of people. I was not stupid. Maybe a bit slow, but in my first 15 minutes of Clayton high I had figured out that Dean Peters was not an ordinary guy.

I had no problem finding my way to class. I just worried about Leigh, would she get lost? I got to class on time and walked into the room. This tough looking woman stood at the front of the classroom. She wore thick black glasses and was over-weight.

"You must be Sam Collins" She said in a strange voice

"Yeah" I replied. Damn, crazy old hag as a freakin' homeroom teacher, this ought to be fun. I walked to the back of the class and sat down. Most of the girls were staring at me, as well as the guys. A blonde haired girl walked into the room, you could tell her hair was dyed. She walked to the back and sat next to me.

"Hi I'm Amber" She said, looking from under her eye lashes


"Are you new?" She moved closer and was obviously trying to hard.


"Hey girl!" Another girl came in looked at Amber then looked at me and smiled. She walked over; she was wearing a mini skirt and a tank top. "Hey aren't you going to introduce me to your new friend?" She said looking a bit to happy than she should have been to see Sam

Amber rolled her eyes "This is Sam, he's new"

A couple of guys who were gathered around a desk at the corner of the room stood up.

"Hey why don't you leave the new guy alone?" They looked like they played basket-ball or soccer, and Sam knew he'd get on well with them…Jocks

One word interrupted my train of thought "Dean!" What, Dean? Here? I looked out the door and saw a group of cheerleaders waving towards the dirty blonde haired boy.

Then I suddenly heard Leigh's voice "Wow looks like I'm with the most popular guy in school" Leigh was with Dean. I wanted to run after them, to ask them what the hell was going on. What the hell was Dean doing with my little sister?

The group of guys motioned for me to sit with them. They looked like Jocks and pretty friendly so I joined them.

"Hey I'm Corey that's David, Matt, Justin, and Lucas, Sarah, Casey, Ki, and Jess" He pointed to the boys, and girls around him

"I'm Sam"

"Hey Sam" One of the girls winked at him

I ignored her and turned to Corey "What do you know about Dean Peters?"

I got my schedule of classes, and looked at all the different room numbers. D12, H10, SB04, G02, G06, it was confusing. I put my schedule on top of my books and walked off to my locker. 23 right, 6 left, 12 right CLICK.

I shoved my bag in and books. I looked around and people were staring. At least I had made it through the first periods. Now for lunch, the most stressful part of the day. I didn't want to bother Dean; I mean he was obviously popular; the way every girl looked at him was stupid. I've never seen so many girls starry eyed over a boy. I obviously didn't fit in with his crowd, the girls who were with him looked like sluts, and bitches. I know I'm being prejudice, but I mean what else could they be? Unless geeks in this school wore mini skits, and tank tops in the middle of autumn.

I got my tray and food, and sat down at a deserted table.

"Leigh!" I heard someone calling. I looked around and say Dean motioning for me to joining him at his overly crowded table. Should I go?

I walked over to the table of hot looking boys and girls. Dean moved over for me to sit next to him. I took my seat and looked at the faces smiling and glaring at me. The boys were smiling, the girls were glaring.

"Who are you?" A girl said. She had her blonde hair with brown highlighted hair pulled up into a messy pony tail and glared at me from under her side fringe.


"Leigh, hey I'm Michael, I saw you earlier, and I just wanted to say you look so hot"

Dean looked up and glared at Michael along with the girl with the side fringe. I just nodded at the compliment.

"Where are you from?" One of the other boys asked

"I moved to Australia when I was 9 and I just came back" looking down at my food.

"So why are you here?" Another girl in a cheerleading outfit said in a hard mocking tone. Well I knew when I was not wanted and right now, that girl, well all of the girls did not want me sitting next to Dean.

Dean looked at me and saw I was obviously uncomfortable with his crowd, with all the death stares and all.

"Hey guys I'll be right back I just have to show Leigh where some classes are" he said standing up. I looked up and him, and he winked so I followed him.

As we left the table I heard one of the girls say "When did Dean ever become Mr. Caring and Sharing?"

"Dean what are you doing?" He looked confused "I mean why are you going to show me classrooms instead of hanging out with your friends?" I clarified.

"I'm not going to show you classrooms" he smiled and grabbed my wrist and we ran down the hallway…


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