By katOpen Doors – Chapter 20: You're What?

A.N. LONG chappie this one. I was debating whether to separate it into two chapters instead of one, but I already promised this would be the last one so… ENJOY!

I saw a light. Not the kind that you imagine you see when you think you've died. This light looked familiar… very, very familiar... To familiar. It looked to small to be a light leading to heaven or where ever else, but I knew it was because I heard his voice.

No, not God's.


"Leigh, are you okay? Can you hear me? Are you okay?" He sounded worried, like his voice was strained, maybe because he was crying?

I could see nothing but darkness, but only a faint light made it through. I wanted to tell him I was fine, that he didn't have to worry, but when I tried to speak, nothing came out. I felt cold, and most of my body felt numb. It was like I was floating, like I wasn't really here, but I wasn't really there. My head was aching and I felt like I was going to die again if it didn't stop throbbing.

"Leigh?!" Dean's voice sounded panicky

"Dean, she's alive" A familiar voice intervened, Daniel's?

"Then why wont she wake up?!" Dean growled

"She will" The same familiar comforted "I think…" He said, his voice full or uncertainty

"Leigh!" Dean cried. Was he crying?

I felt something warm and soft touch my lips.

The light started to get brighter as I slowly opened my eyes. The darkness slowly faded away, but the throbbing in my head didn't weaken. I slowly realised… it wasn't the light to heaven. Nope, it was a different light.

I opened my eyes fully as I stared up at the car light. I was lying down on the back seat of Dean's car. I looked around at the familiar site, let out a relieved sigh and smiled softly. I was in the back of Dean's car, and not up in heaven… or down in hell. I wasn't dead after all. I looked up at Dean to see his face filled with relief.

"Leigh!" I sat up slowly as Dean wrapped his arms around me and held me so tightly to his chest that it was hard to breathe

"Dean?" I groaned, my voice was croaky "Need to breathe" I chocked out

"Are you okay? Am I hurting you?" He asked worriedly and loosened his grip around me

"No, you're not hurting me" I tried to speak but my voice only came out as a whisper

"Are you okay?" He asked again

My head was hurting like hell; I swear it was killing me! It felt like it had just been hit with a baseball bat or a truck.

Hold on a second, I'm alive! I know, I'm slow, stop laughing. I looked around the car again to make sure this wasn't some sort of hallucination. So how did we get away from Tuck and his 'friends'? Did Dean fight them or something? Two against four plus a gun, that's not very fair, then again most of the fight's I've been in weren't very fair.

"Are you okay Dean? Did the gangsters hurt you? Are you okay?" I said frantically then looked over at him to check he was okay. He wasn't. He had clearly been in a fight, although he didn't look as bad as when he got into that fight with Sam. The bruises and cuts on his face were evidence enough that the fight was bad.

"I'm fine. But you're not…" I pursed my lips "did you fight them?" I asked cautiously

He looked over at Daniel the back at me "Uhhh" He struggled "I'll tell you later" He said quietly

Course I wasn't going to forget about it, but by the look in Dean's eyes, I could see this wasn't the place or the time.

I nodded as I dropped my arms to either side of my body "And Daniel?"

"Here" Daniel sat up in the front seat and popped his head out from around the seat.

"Where are we?"

"We're in my car" The worry still evident in Dean's voice "I almost thought you were… dead"

Yeah, so did I

"I know" I sighed "I'm okay… I think"

"I didn't know what to do…" He said softly

"Its okay" I smiled softly "So, What… What happened?" I asked as I rubbed my hand on my forehead "I mean after I got…knocked out?"

"Well… Tuck tried to shoot you" He stated

"What do you mean tried" I asked curiously. I looked down over my body, to check if I was shot. I wasn't in any pain, apart from my throbbing head, and there seemed to be no blood over me. Maybe Tuck missed?

"We got out of there as fast as we could" He sighed. There was something in his voice, a tone of regret? Did something happen?

"Wait… Dean, tell me…" I said calmly, but I'm sure he could here the masked panic in my voice "What happened?"

"I'll tell you later" He said softly "Are you thirsty?" He asked, concerned

"But, why not now?" I asked curiously, ignoring his question

He was avoiding eye contact "Are you thirsty?" He asked again

I put my hand to my throat to realise I was thirsty… really thirsty. I nodded. I guess I'd just have to wait till later to find out what happened.

"Okay" He smiled slightly

He got out of the back seat, closed the door and got into the drivers seat. I put on my seat belt and stared out of the window as he started up the car. The drive was silent, and no one said a word. We finally arrived at a petrol station. Dean got out and filled up the car then went inside to pay. I sat silently, staring out the window.

"You know he saved your life" I heard Daniel mutter


"Dean… He saved your life" He repeated dryly

"He did?"

"Yeah, when Tuck was about to shoot you… Dean sort of tackled you to the floor, and then you got knocked out… He would have died for you…"

"What?" I asked again in disbelief

"He saved your life" Daniel laughed "Stupid I reckon, could have gotten himself shot. He was just lucky that he was fast enough"

It took a while for it to sink in.

When I was standing there, and when I heard the gunshot. That huge force that pushed me towards the floor… That was Dean? He saved my life. When I told Dean not to do anything… He still risked his life to save mine.

"He… saved me?" I asked softly

"Yeah, he did… And I think he's feeling a bit guilty about putting you in that situation in the first place, so I would talk to him" Daniel suggested

I never knew Daniel was so mature.

"I will" I promised "So… he… saved me…" I muttered to myself

"Yeah" Daniel chuckled "He saved your ass" he grinned "You know… you mean a lot more to him than you realise. Not getting all emotional or anything, but he really cares about you" He said, obviously still trying to be all tough and manly

"And I care about him a lot" I just wouldn't admit how much I actually loved him

I found it a little awkward talking to Dean's little brother about the way I felt about Dean. So I kept it simple and G rated… No need to scare the poor kid, right?

"I know" He smiled "You were going to die to save him, and he was going to die to save you" He laughed

"Yeah…" I mumbled as I stared out of the window at Dean inside the petrol station

He smirked "I never knew he was so whipped" I heard Daniel mutter to himself

I rolled my eyes and decided to change the subject.

"What happened afterwards then?" I asked curiously

"After Tuck missed you…" Daniel started "Dean was worried that you actually did get shot, we didn't find out till later that you were just knocked out. Then Tuck started laughing and shit…"

"And?" I prodded

"And then Dean knocked the gun out of his hand and beat the shit out of him" Daniel smiled slyly "Really beat the shit out of him"

I bit down on my bottom lip "What about the other two guys?"

"Well, I took one of them, and Dean got the other. Then when they were groaning on the floor and shit, Dean picked you up and we brought you to the car" He informed "We thought you were dead"

"So did I…" I muttered to myself

He laughed "You're lucky he didn't kill Tuck. He was really pissed, then we found out you were alive and I convinced him to leave it"

"Thank you…"

"For what?"

"For… telling Dean to leave it… and helping save me" I smiled

"You really need to thank Dean. He's the one that jumped in front of the gun to save you"

"I will" I nodded "But what do you mean that Dean feels guilty?"

"You have to ask him about that" Daniel smiled, and turned back to face the front of the car as Dean opened the driver's side. He handed me a bottle of water and I took it gratefully.

"Thanks Dean" I whispered

"Its okay" He smiled slightly, then turned back to face the front of the car

"For saving my life…" I muttered to myself

"Can you come in?" I asked Dean and a pleading voice

"Ummm" He ran his hand through his hair "I have to take Daniel home" He looked back over at the car

"Well can you come back after?" I begged


"Please Dean" I looked into his eyes

"Okay" He agreed "I'll be back later then" He promised

I nodded with a smile on my face then opened the front door and walked through. Hopefully Sam would be at a party or out with Kiara. I made my way to the kitchen and grabbed a Panadol to help with my head ache. Even though it had been at least an hour, my head was still killing me. I must have hit the pavement pretty hard. I made my way upstairs and into my room. I felt stressed after everything that had gone on, so all I needed was a shower to help me relax. I grabbed my PJs' and headed towards the bathroom.

I looked up to see Sam in the hallway "Where have you been?" He asked

"I was… out" I said sleepily


Not the best idea to tell your over protective brother that you went out to meet a bunch of gangsters with your boyfriend and that you almost got killed. So, I didn't.

"I, ummm… I was out" I repeated


"I don't know…" I sighed "Can I just have a shower first to wake me up… then you can interrogate me"

"Okay" He agreed "Are you alright Leigh? You seem a little… off" He asked, concerned

"I'm fine Sam" I smiled

It's nice to know he still cares and isn't just trying to ruin my social and love life.

I opened the bathroom door and stepped in. I turned the hot water on in the shower and stripped down. The steaming hot shower immediately made me relax. Today had been a long day, and it was nice to have at least one relaxing moment. I sighed as I felt the hot water rush over my body.

Dean had saved my life today, and it meant something… I wasn't about to forget that…

I owed him.

I stepped out of the shower, grabbed the towel and dried myself off. I put on my PJs' and opened the bathroom door. The floor was cold outside the bathroom, so I quickly made my way to my room. I switched on the lamp and switched off the main light. There was a knock from the front door and rushed towards the staircase.

"Can I interrogate you now?" Sam stood out in the hall with his hands in his pocket and raised his eyebrow

"Umm… the door?" I bit my bottom lip

Please, please just let me off tonight

He stared at me "Where were you?" He asked again

"I was with Dean" I finally answered "Now can I get the door?"

Sam cleared his throat and walked over to me "I'll let you off tonight" He smiled "Anyway, have you seen Kiara?"

"Nope, sorry bro" I smiled and ran down the stairs. I swung open the door to see Dean standing with his hands in his pockets.

I smiled as I stared up at him "Hey"

"Hey" He smiled back

"Come in" I invited as I closed the door behind him. I grabbed his hand and dragged him up the stair case and into my room. We sat down on my bed, still not saying a word. I stared at him, waiting for him to say something as he stared off into space.

I sighed at the minutes of silence that pasted "Dean…" I started


"Thank you" I said gratefully

"For what?"

"For saving my life… I just want to say thank you… for everything" I said sincerely

"Daniel told you" It wasn't a question

"Yeah" I bit down on my lip 'but thank you… thank you for saving my life, I owe you everything and I just… thank you Dean" I said gratefully

His face softened "If you had died I would have to" He looked down at me "So I had to save you…"

"Yeah…" I smiled "Are you okay though?"

"Yeah… I didn't get shot" He smiled

I smiled back "But… are you okay? You're not feeling guilty or anything right, I mean, not that you should" I corrected

He looked down

"Dean… It's not your fault I followed you, I got myself into the mess, and you had nothing to do with it" I comforted

"It was close though. If I would have said no to you when you asked to come along it wouldn't have happened in the first place" He said, obviously blaming it on himself

"No, I pushed it, it wasn't your fault" I said as I tucked myself under the covers. He lay next to me on top of the covers.

"It was…" He muttered

"No, it wasn't Dean. You were the one who saved me, so don't be blaming yourself. I owe you my life" I rolled over to face the other way

I felt the bed move and then two warm arms wrap around my waist. He lay under the covers with me, my back to his chest. "I don't know what I would have done without you…" I felt his cool breath against my ear

"I don't know what I would have done without you…" I matched "Dean, you saved my life" I marvelled "And I don't know what to do to thank you…"

"You don't have to thank me, because it's already enough having you" He whispered as he kissed my neck

I rolled over to face him, our faces almost touching. I looked straight ahead into his blue eyes. I'm sure he could feel my body heat rise as I looked into his eyes. "I didn't know what to do…" He sighed "I thought you were…" He struggled

"Dead?" I finished


"Me too" I admitted

"If you had… died… I really don't know what I would have done" He said softly

"Hey" I smiled "I'm not dead… because of you. So don't feel guilty" I smiled softly "It wasn't your fault… you were the one who saved me. You save me all the time… You're my hero"

"And you save me to"

"How?" I asked curiously

I don't remember rescuing Dean from a group of gangsters…

"I might save you from getting hurt. But you save me all the time by being there for me" He smiled softly

"And I'll always be here for you" I promised "Forever" I had a sudden urge to just kiss him, so I did. I leaned in and pressed my lips to his. His arms moved up from my waist while mine ran through his hair. As the kiss deepened he pulled my body closer to him and I could feel the heat radiating for both of us. I pulled away slowly with a smile on my face and looked into his eyes.

I know it was pretty weird to just realise all of this now. But as I stared into his eyes, it made me think.

He was the guy I loved; he was the guy that always saved me. He could make me cry, but he could also make me laugh. He made me feel things that I never dreamed that I would ever feel for anyone. He was the one who I could not live without, and he was the only one I wanted to be with, and the best thing about it was that… he was mine.

"Dean" I whispered

"Leigh" He smiled back

"Guess what?" I giggled


"I love you"

"I love you too" He answered

A smile crossed my face "Why me?" I muttered. I didn't mean to say it out loud, but it just sort of slipped out. I mean Dean Peters could have anyone and I'm not just talking about the girls in school. He could have any girl he wanted, yet… he chose me.

"What?" He asked slowly

"Oh nothing" I blushed and turned away

"What is it?" He asked curiously as he leaned closer, making my heart skip a beat

"Dammit Dean, you can't do that!" I complained teasingly

"Do what?" He pulled away slowly

"Cheat" I grinned

He raised his eyebrow and looked at me like I was insane

"You know what I mean…" I sighed

He laughed "You're adorable when you're complaining"

"So are you" I smiled widely

"So, Why you?"

I blushed deeper and nodded slowly "Why did you choose me? You could have anyone… I don't know, it's a stupid question"

He smiled and lifted my chin as he looked into my eyes "I've loved you from the beginning. I love you because you're different from the other girls, your special. And I love your persistence, and how you can make me laugh. I love your obliviousness and the smile on your face when you finally figure something out. I love that you're caring and kind and I love you because you're you, and there's no one else like you. You are the only one I've ever wanted, and you're the only one I'll ever want…" He finished

"And you're the only one I'll ever want" I whispered as I pressed my lips to his "Dean" I mumbled as our lips parted


"Will you make me a promise?" I asked cautiously

"What is it?" He asked curiously

"Promise me first" I bargained

"Okay" He said uneasily

"Promise me, that we'll go to the same college… And if we don't make it in, promise me we won't break apart"

I know it was silly of me to ask him for it. I just felt like I never wanted to leave him, and I guess I needed some reassurance.

"I promise" He said as he gently pressed his lips to mine

I smiled as our lips parted "Dean, I forgot to tell you" I muttered dreamily


"Its about Sam, he's okay with us going to the dance together" I smiled "I mean, Kiara made him promise, but he's okay with it!" I exclaimed. He smiled and buried his head in the crook of my neck "Mmmm" He mumbled "That's great" He laughed "And so are you" He added

"Deeeeean" I nudged him

"Shhh, I'm trying to go to sleep" He complained teasingly as I felt his nose touch my jaw

I rolled my eyes "Dean" I said again

"Mmmm?" He said lazily as he started kissing my neck

I laughed

"Your hair smells nice" He commented

"Thanks" I smiled

He lifted up his head slowly and laid it on the pillow, inches away from mine. "Are you going to put on the lingerie I found?" He asked teasingly

I rolled my eyes "Never" I said plainly

"Please" He begged

"Dean" I raised my eyebrow

"Mmmm?" He said as he pulled me closer

I smiled "I'm sleepy" I yawned

"Do you want me to leave?"

"No" I answered a bit too quickly

"Then I guess that means I'm staying" He grinned

"You can stay the night" I suggested

"What about Sam?" He raised his eyebrow

"He'll have to deal with it… Ya know, I really think he's easing up; I mean he's letting us go to the dance and all. Plus Kiara sleeps over all the time, so if he says anything I can call him a hypocrite" I smiled and rested my head on Dean's chest

"Okay then" He smiled "Do you want to go to sleep then?"

"Not really… I want to stay with you"

"You should go to sleep" He smiled as he pressed his lips to my wet hair "I'll be here tomorrow" He comforted

"I know" I sighed and I closed my eyes as I snuggled up into his chest

I felt him kiss my forehead and there were minutes or silence "Leigh, I need to tell you…" He started. But I didn't get to hear the rest of his sentence because I fell asleep in his arms.

I opened my eyes sleepily to see Dean asleep lying next to me, we were inches apart. I smiled softly and tried to sit up, but there was something around my waist pulling me down. I looked down to Dean's arm and a smile crossed my face. He looked so peaceful when he was sleeping, and maybe even more beautiful, I mean handsome… whatever you call it. I looked down at his chest, at his tanned six pack and my heart fluttered. I just felt like kissing him, but I didn't want him to wake up and think I was psycho obsessed stalker.

I sat up slowly and looked over at the clock

"Oh… its ten o'clock" I mumbled sleepily as I rubbed my eyes "Wait… it's a school day!" I exclaimed, my eyes opened

I looked down at Dean and he was obviously woken up by my loud realisation. He grumbled and pulled me back down on the bed then pulled me closer to him.

"Dean…" I started "We have to get up… It's a school day, and we're already late by like… two hours, we have to go" I tried to nudge him with my elbow but when you're practically touching the person its sort of hard.

"Mmmm" He grumbled as he rested his head on the crook of my neck "Let's stay in bed" He said lazily as he started kissing my neck

"Dean…" I tried to say with a high amount of authority, but his kissing my neck was distracting

"We're already late by two hours, what's another two going to change?" He smiled "And we can have more fun in bed" He said seductively

"Dean… but we have to go… I mean, Sam will probably know and worry and- Oh never mind- Mmmm that feels good" I said as I turned to face him and press my lips to his "I guess it wont make a huge difference" I smiled

I felt him smile against my lips. His warm arms wrapped around me, pulling me right up against his body. I just wanted to stay there all day…

…but I had to get to school

"Dean" I said, interrupting our making out "I know, this is fun and… really, really good… but we have to get to school" I tried to say with as much conviction, but the crack in my voice betrayed me

"Do we have to?" He groaned

"Yeah" I nodded

"If that's what you want" He said unwillingly

I smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the lips "Thanks"

I hopped out of the bed and ran over to my closet… Then I remembered about Dean "Uhh... what are you going to wear?"

"Uhhh" He stuttered "I'll just wear the same thing" He shrugged as he got out of bed

I looked over at him in his boxers and I swear I started drooling. Yes, I know, very attractive. I shook my head and turned back to my closet. "Urmmm" I picked out a random t-shirt and jeans and turned around to face the half naked Dean.


"Ummm… I've got to get changed" I said timidly

"I know" He smiled, not moving an inch

I rolled my eyes "Fine, turn around, and no peeking"

He laughed

I pulled my pyjama top over my head and pulled over my shirt. I turned around to see if Dean was looking, and sure enough I just caught him turning his head around quickly. I rolled my eyes and finished getting dressed. "I'll be right back" I yelled over my shoulder as I walked down the hall way and into the bathroom. I applied some eyeliner and lip gloss and stepped back out into the hall way. I walked back into my room to see Dean pulling his t-shirt over his head.

"Ready to go?" I picked up my school bag from the side of my door and flung it over my shoulder

He nodded "What's our excuse?" He asked as we walked down the stairs

"Ummm… we slept in?" I said lamely

"Sure" He grinned

"Okay, maybe not" I rolled my eyes "How about… the car broke down?"

"And it took two hours?" He raised his eyebrow

"Well then…" I thought "Do you have any better ideas?" I opened the front door and stepped outside

"We slept in…?"

"Yeah, but then they're gonna think we did something, or something happened" I said, frustrated

We got into the car and he put the keys in the ignition then backed out of the driveway. He shrugged "I know"

I rolled my eyes "Fine, we'll just say that we had to go to the doctor or something"


"Where have you guys been?" Shaun said suspiciously as we took the seats next to him

"Slept in" Dean said

"Went to the doctor" I said at the same time

Shaun tilted his head to the side and squinted his eyes "You guys had sex… didn't you?" He said suspiciously

I rolled my eyes "Of course not, Dean just slept over that's all"

"In the same bed?" Shaun looked over at Dean while Dean smiled widely "I guess that's a yes then" Shaun laughed

"Yeah, well… it was late and… yeah" I said pathetically "Besides nothing happened… at least nothing that you're thinking of" I rolled my eyes

"Of course it didn't" Shaun winked and gave a wicked smile

Somehow, I don't think he actually believed me

"So what are we doing?" I looked up at the front of the class to see Mrs. Duchie painting something… With her fingers

"Art" Shaun rolled his eyes "We're experimenting and bringing out our inner child" He said, imitating Mrs. Duchie's… enthusiasm

Wha? I looked up at Shaun in confusion

"So… what are we doing?" Dean asked as he crossed his arms and leaned down on the desk

"We're finger painting" Shaun laughed as he touched his index finger to my nose. Which, might I add, was covered in red paint

I glared at him, but his face held a cheeky grin "Dean lets get some paint!" I grabbed Dean's arm and dragged him over to where some spare pallets were "This is war" I smiled evilly

I got some white paint, some red paint, blue paint, green pain, black paint and yellow paint. I grabbed a sheet of paper for Dean and I then walked over to the desk and placed the large sheet of paper down. I then walked over to Shaun with a wide smile on my face. I dripped my finger in some random colours of paint, and then aimed for Shaun's face.

His eyes widened as he dodged my fast approaching hand "What are you doing?" He stared at me in horror

"Getting even" I grinned then turned to face Dean "Here you go honey" I beamed and scooped up some red paint in my finger and tried to draw a heart on his cheek.

"Is that meant to be a heart?" Shaun squinted as he examined the red heart on Dean's cheek

"Yep…" I nodded proudly

"Sort of looks like a blob" Shaun mocked "No wait, it looks more like an apple" His face turned to mock disgust "Not even an apple"

I smiled and turned around to wipe my painted hands on Shaun's cheek. He glared back at me and tightened his jaw. Then suddenly his lips curved up into a wide smile "We wouldn't want Dean to be left out, would we?" Shaun picked up some paint and threw some over at Dean, which ended up going all over Dean's shirt. Dean looked down at his shirt as he smirked.

I looked over to Mrs. Duchie to see if she had noticed, but she was out of the classroom. I guess she had to get more paints or something. Dean quickly grabbed the set of paints next to me and threw them at Shaun.

The thing is… Dean played basketball, therefore his aim was much better than Shaun's, and therefore the set of paints hit Shaun in the face. Shaun stumbled back at the force of the paints then steadied himself. He pealed off the pallet from his face, and it was covered in colours. He had a bright red nose with green yellow and blue here and there. I couldn't help but crack a smile "I don't think that's fare" Shaun pouted "Two against one. I'm out" Shaun sulked and walked towards the sink to wash his face off.

I smiled up at Dean "Well I guess that mean's it's just you and me" I grinned as I stood up on my tippy toes and pressed my lips to his lightly

"I guess it does"

I smiled and picked up a pallet of paints while we kissed. I pulled away and threw the pallet at Dean. He caught it swiftly and gave me a sarcastic hurt look.

Meh, I had to try

He picked up a bucket of yellow paint, looked at it, then looked at me. My eyes widened as I took a step back "Don't you dare Dean!" I said, backing away into the corner "If you do that… I'll…" I bumped into a bucket of blue paint in the corner I was backed up in. I picked it up in my right hand and smiled up at Dean

I took a step forward towards him and attempted to throw the paint at him. But the paint being really heavy, I ended up only throwing like one eighth of the paint at him, which ended up on the floor. He grinned and held up his bucket easily. I rolled my eyes "Why do you have to be so strong" I sighed

Stupid masculine muscles

I realised he was about to throw the paint at me, so I attempted to throw some at him. The yellow and blue paint collided and made a green. I looked down at my clothes and they were covered in yellowy green coloured paint. I looked up at Dean and he was covered in bluey green coloured paint. I started laughing at how stupid we were being. Mrs. Duchie wanted to bring out the inner child in us, and it did.

Shaun walked back, his face paint free "So I've decided to forgive yo-" He stopped in his tracks "What the hell have you two done?" His eyes widened as he looked at Dean and me, covered in paint.

"Had a paint fight?" I said innocently as I smiled at Dean

Dean grinned back and took a step forward and pressed his lips to mine. I put my arms around him as we started to make out. "Guys!" Shaun hissed "Not the right time!" Shaun waved his arms around, frantically trying to get our attention.

"Whoo go Dean" I heard Jack (from the jock table) yell

"Wow look at em go" Another guy said, who sounded a little shocked

I pulled back and looked at Shaun questioningly

"You're mixing up the paints" He laughed

I looked down at my shirt again, but it was more of a green now, as was Dean's. I looked around the classroom and the whole jock table was staring at Dean and me.

"Nice Dean" Jack called out

Dean grinned then looked down at me

Shaun spoke up "We should clean it up… If Mrs. Duchie comes over here…" He began "What's going to happen to your clothes?" He questioned

"Uhhh…" I stumbled as I looked up at Dean as if he would have the answer

"Its fine" He smiled "We'll clean it up…" He sighed

Dean disappeared in the supply closet then emerged with a few buckets and mops in his hands. We each grabbed a bucket of water and a mop, and then started cleaning.

Jack ran over to us "Need help Leigh?" He asked

"Uhhh, yeah, okay" I smiled

"Anytime" He winked

I looked over at Dean but he wasn't looking at me. He was looking at Jack and raised eyebrow "What?" Jack said innocently to Dean

"You know what" Dean warned

I swear I saw Jack gulp. "No, I wasn't trying anything, I mean she's your girl and I wouldn't" He mumbled and picked up a mop and helped clean up.

Great, clean up time… at least it was fun.


"That's done" Shaun plopped his mop in the bucket of water "but your clothes are a little conspicuous… ya know, with the paint everywhere" He added

"Yeah" I bit down on my bottom lip

Shaun raised an eyebrow "How are you going to get out of this one?" He smirked

I rolled my eyes. He was right; I mean how were we going to get out of this one…

"Wait, I got it" I grinned

Now usually I'm not the type of girl who supports skipping class, but we would get in even more trouble If Mrs. Duchie found out we had a paint fight while she was gone.

Dean and Shaun looked at me expectantly "Yes…?" Shaun prodded

"Well… Dean and I could leave, and you could say that I wasn't feeling well and had to go to the nurse"

"But then I'd be lying…" Shaun scratched his head

"Nice observation skills mate" Jack interrupted. Hey, had Jack always been there? Oh yes, he helped clean up… that's right…

"Please?" I begged, giving my puppy eyes to Shaun

"I'll do it" Jack volunteered

I looked at him gratefully then looked back at Shaun to see him glaring at Jack. "It's okay Jack… I can do it" Shaun smiled

"Okay guys. Later" Dean said quickly as he grabbed my hand and we headed for the door.

"Bye Shaun" I waved as I got dragged along by Dean. "So what are we going to do in the mean time?" I raised my eyebrow as we walked down the school corridor, which was completely empty

Dean stopped and moved his hand around my waist "I can think of a few things" He smiled slyly

"I'm sure you can" I laughed "Now where are we going to go?"


"Mmmm" I pondered "How bout we find a classroom?"

The school was pretty big, and usually all the classrooms weren't used up so that meant that there were a lot of spare classrooms which were absolutely empty; the perfect place for skipping class.

"Okay" Dean shrugged

I walked over to Sam's homeroom which from the look of it had its lights off. I knocked on the door and waited for a response, but nothing came. I looked up at Dean as he turned the knob and opened the door slowly. I popped my head in to check if anyone was in the classroom. It had about twenty desks, like a normal classroom and a white board in the front of the classroom, and best of all it was absolutely empty. Perfect.

I grabbed Dean's arm and quickly dragged him in. Well it was sort of hard to drag Dean, since he's that much stronger than me, so I just sort of tugged on his arm.

I closed the door behind me and turned back to face Dean. We moved over to the front of the classroom and lay down next to each other on the dark blue carpet, staring up at the ceiling.

"So the dance is tomorrow" I started as I stared up at the ceiling, then realisation sunk in "WAIT!" I sat up immediately "The dance it tomorrow!" I exclaimed

I know… My slowness amazes you…

"Yeah" Dean slowly sat up then ran his hand through his messy dirty blond hair, momentarily distracting me "I can't wait so see you tomorrow night in your dress" He mused "You're going to look beautiful"

I bit down on my bottom lip "Ummm, yeah… dress" I looked around nervously

Shit! How could I have forgotten! The dance is tomorrow and I don't even have a dress for it yet! Maybe I could use one of my mums? ...Or not… I totally forgot about the dance, let alone getting a dress for it. Ahh I am so screwed.

"Yeah" Dean marvelled "And then we're going to dance" He said as he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. Obviously liking the thought of dancing.

"Ummm… we already danced before" I stated "Remember? When you asked me to go to the dance with you" I raised my eyebrow at him

"Yeah, that was special" He smiled softly "But when we dance tomorrow everyone will see us"

"I know" I groaned

Dean gave me a confused look

Let me explain the groaning. Well, seeing as I got yelled at and almost beaten up for going out with Dean, I have a feeling that Lauren wont be happy to see me dancing with Dean. But then again, who cares about Lauren! Knowing her, she wouldn't do anything stupid in front of Dean anyway.

"Never mind" I sighed "But I can't wait either" I smiled

"The guys are going to be so jealous" He laughed

"I doubt it" I raised my eyebrow

"They will" He grinned

I rolled my eyes "Sure. So do you reckon Shaun has a date?" I said, trying to change the subject

"Yeah, he said he's going with some one called Ash, or Ashley"

"That's good" I smiled "Haven't heard of her before" I tiled my head to the side as I stared up at the ceiling

"Maybe she's new" He shrugged


There was a loud ringing sound coming from the speakers. The bell "I guess it's time to go" I sighed

"Can't we stay here a little longer" Dean complained, holding onto my arm so I couldn't stand up

"Nope, got to go! What if Sam finds us here?" I tugged on my arm for a bit until he let go then stood up

Dean slowly stood up too. His hand touched his shirt which was full of dry pain, but for some reason he looked really fascinated with the blob of dry paint. I looked at his finger with creased eyebrows

"What is it?" I asked curiously

"The paints still wet" He looked up with a huge smile on his face

"Oh no you don't" My eyes widened as he took a step closed to me. I ran to the other end of the classroom and felt my t-shirt to see if I had any undried paint but of course with my luck, I didn't. I ran around the classroom as Dean chased me. I have to admit, if you walked in on us right now you'd think we were mentally insane.

"Dean, don't!" I begged as I stopped just in front of the white board

My eyes widened as he took another step closer "I won't" He said teasingly as he put his arms around me.

I didn't actually know he was going to hug me, so I tried to make a run for it and ended up tripping over his feet, ultimately making us both fall over. Luckily for me Dean cushioned my fall, but I guess he wasn't so lucky.

Suddenly I rolled over on to the floor then looked up. Dean had positioned himself so he was on top of me, his two arms on either side of me, caging me in "Sorry?" I asked innocently as I looked up into his eyes

"Yeah" He muttered as he leaned his head down and pressed his lips against mine. The kiss intensified deeply, the heat from his body was comforting. I ran my fingers through his hair, and I smiled against his lips.

I heard a small creaking sound…the door? I pulled away quickly and looked towards the door. Dammit, it was probably Sam. Oh God… Not Sam…

I looked over at the intruder, who looked very surprised "What the hell?"

"Ummm" I muttered

Dean quickly moved off from on top of me and helped me up. I looked nervously up at him, but he was looking at the intruder.

"Sorry for interrupting your make out session" Shaun laughed

I walked over to Shaun and punched him lightly on the shoulder "I thought you were Sam"

Shaun laughed "I know"

I rolled my eyes "So… Ashley huh?"

Shaun nodded slowly, and immediately stopped laughing

"She new?" Dean asked

"Uhhh" Shaun stumbled

"Can't wait to meet her" I smiled

"About that-" Shaun started

"Why are you in my homeroom?" A voice intervened

I got home and dropped my school bag by the side of the front door. My shirt was still covered in paint, which made it sort of uncomfortable.

There was this continuous chopping coming for the kitchen. Sam was chopping something? But Sam doesn't chop, he can't even cook. Last time he tried that for mother's day our mum ended up having to eat burnt toast. He didn't have the guts to tell her that he broke the toaster and the oven while he was at it.

I cautiously made my way to the kitchen, obviously knowing that it wasn't Sam.

"Oh hello honey!" My mum greeted


"How was school?" She asked, ignoring my obviously thrown state and continued chopping up carrots

"It was good… What are you doing home?" I asked curiously

"Oh, I didn't tell you? I got leave for a little bit" She smiled "And why didn't you tell me?" She smiled

"Tell you what?"

"I had to find out when you and Dean were in the hospital" She tutted


"Why didn't you tell me you two were together? It's actually very sweet" She complimented

"Umm, yeah" I muttered

Can you say awkward?

"He's quite good looking isn't he"

I rolled my eyes "Yes mum"

"He has very pretty eyes" She commented as she looked up from chopping the carrots "Very dreamy and blue" She marvelled

"Yeah…" I said dully. I knew he had beautiful eyes, they were the very eyes that could make my heart beat increase rapidly, they were the eyes that could make me do anything, but I didn't need my mum to know that.

"Are you going to the dance with him then?"

"Uh huh" I nodded

"Do you have a dress?" She said, looking up at me

"Ummm… Not really…"

She shook her head "And the dance is tomorrow…"

"Yeah… I know"

She washed her hands and walked over to her hand bag which was placed on the dining table "Okay, well heres some money" She said as she pulled out a bunch of fifty dollar notes

"Uhhh" I stuttered as I received the money "Thanks mum" I smiled

She wrapped her arms around me "Its okay sweetie, and why don't you go shopping with Miss. Lane, I think she needs a dress too"

I nodded and turned around; hoping she wouldn't notice my painted clothes "Thanks mum" I said again

"What happened to your clothes?"

"Uhhhhhhhhhh" I said, dragging out the 'h' "Paint fight in school…" I said cautiously

"Oh" She nodded slowly "Okay then" She said simply, then turned back to the chopping board and continued chopping carrots


I turned around, heading up the stairs while I counted the money. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS! Can you say awesome? Now all I need is to find a dress.

I lay down on my bed and closed my eyes until I heard a knock on the door. "Come in" I mumbled

"Hey Leigh" Kiara smiled

"Oh hey" I sat up

"Did you want to go shopping for a dress or something?" She asked

"Sure" I smiled timidly "Let's go"


"So you told Sam you wouldn't go with him unless he let me and Dean go?" I asked curiously

She nodded

"Wow, thank you so much" I smiled "It means so much"

"I promised I would help didn't I?" She said as we walked into another dress store. This one was different from the previous ones we had visited… it had a lot more people in it.

We had been wandering around the shopping centre for two hours now, running into every dress store we could find. Most of the really nice dresses were already taken, seeing as the dance was tomorrow and most girls buy their dresses months before. But I'm not really the sort of person who obsesses over those kinds of things.

"Thanks I really appreciate it"

"So, do you know what Sam is up to?" She asked me cautiously

"What do you mean?"

"Well, he asked me to pack all my bags…"

"Ohhh yeah that" I tried desperately to hide my smile

I think Sam was pretty sweet for organising that for Kiara…Never knew my brother could be such a romantic


"You'll see" I smiled cheekily

She let out a sigh "It's not anything bad is it?"

"No way" I answered quickly

"Alright then" She bit down on her bottom lip, then turned back to the dresses "So what sort of dress are you going to get?" She asked as she looked through some dresses that were hanging on the rack

"Umm… I have no idea" I sighed "You?"

"I don't really know… Something like this" She said as she pulled out a dark blue coloured dress that was made out of a silky material. It had two spaghetti straps and the top part was tight it almost looked like a corset, but not quite. Below the 'no quite corset' there were silky layers that ran down to the floor. The back of the dress was bare, except it had a cris-cross made out of the same dark blue material.

"Wow that's really pretty" I gapped "You should try it on!" I exclaimed "I'm sure Sam will love you in it" I grinned

She raised her eyebrow at me, and I shrugged "Okay, I'll try it on if you… try…" She sifted through the dresses "This one" She grinned as she pulled out a black dress that was also made out of a silky material. Its top part was a corset that was well decorated with lace and strands of ribbons. It had no straps, which made it a boob tube top. Below the corset there were the same sort of silky layers that ran down to the floor, as it got closer to the floor it spread outwards, but it wasn't hugely poofy or anything. Over the layers was thin black netting, carefully cut different ways to give it a nice effect to the shape of the dress. It was beautiful…

"Okay" I smiled as I assessed the dress

We walked over to the change rooms, but there was a huge line so we lined up and waited patiently. "So…" I grumbled "What's up?" I asked just to break the silence

"Not much…" She sighed

I looked around the shop, watching the clock tick on the wall. We had been waiting in the line for five minutes. I looked around at the other people in the line, and their faces held the same bored look. I looked over at the door to see Amanda Butsworthy walk through. Yeah, Amanda Butsworthy walked through the door. My eyes widened and I instinctively held up the dress I was holding, blocking my face.

"Uhhh, what are you doing?" Kiara raised her eyebrow

"Hiding" I whispered

"Why?" She looked at me like I was mentally challenged

"Because… Amanda's here and I have a feeling that she's going to want to 'talk' to me" I said as I held up my fingers for the air quotation marks

"And… that's bad…?" Kiara guessed

"Well, I have a feeling that she really liked Dean… and then she kissed him at the game, and he pushed her off… So I'm guessing that she's going to blame me, seeing that that very night Dean and I got together" I summarised softly

"She might not…" She shrugged

"Maybe…" I said as I lowered the dress from my face. I watched Amanda as she looked through some of the dresses, she looked around curiously, and then she spotted me. I gulped as I saw her curious expression turn to the exact same expression that Lauren held when she was 'talking' to me. Amanda coolly walked towards me with a smug smile on her face.

"Hello Leigh" She said in a posh 'I'm-so-great' accent

"Hi" I nodded slowly

"That's a nice dress you've got there" She said as she touched the material "Ohhh, and it's even in my size" She smiled evilly

"Uhhh yeah…" I turned to give Kiara a worried look, and she returned with a confused look

"You aren't going to buy that are you?"

"Ummm, I don't know" I shrugged

"Good, because I am, and I want it…" She said teasingly

"Uhhh…" I mumbled "That's nice"

"Or are you going to steal it? Just like you stole Dean?" She raised her eyebrow and put a hand on her hip "We were actually going really well you know? I was so close to having him, and you had to go ruin it" She threw her arms up in the air, almost hitting a lady on the head.

"Hey, leave her alone, Dean chose her, and I can definitely see why he didn't choose you" Kiara intervened

Amanda put her hand over her mouth with her freshly painted nails "Excuse me? And who are you?" She asked bossily

I'm actually quite surprised Dean 'hung out' with Amanda in the first place, but seeing how bossy she can be maybe he didn't have a chance to say no, seeing as she can be…Amanda

"I'm Kiara Lane" Kiara said coolly

"Well, Ki-ara, I don't think I was talking to you"

"Well Leigh is my friend" Kiara retaliated

"Oh she has friends does she?" Amanda laughed, and then her expression became serious "You're lucky that I'm not going to slap you like Lauren did, just because I'm a nice person"

I snorted

Amanda rolled her eyes "But instead I'm just going to take that dress your holding" She smiled. Her hand went to reach for the dress

"No" I said, holding the dress close to me

"I want it" She ordered, holding her hand out

Somehow the way she said 'I want it' and the look on her face reminded me of a gremlin. I know, totally random, but it did.

"Uhhh…That's nice"

"Give it to me Leigh!"


"Give it to me!"


"Give it to me!!!"


"I WANT IT!!!"

Kiara looked from me to Amanda like she was watching a tennis match "Shut up!" She yelled. Amanda and I stopped and looked at Kiara "Leigh got the dress first okay? So she's going to get it, and as for Dean, she did not steal him away from you. You never had him in the first place, therefore you can't lose something you never had" She said sternly

Amanda rolled her eyes "I was going to have him"

"I don't think so…" She added "Not to be mean or anything, but I think you should just get over him… he's with her now"

"You two are just infuriating!" She screamed

Wow, I never knew she had that in her vocabulary! Eleven letter word!

"Would you like to use the changing room?" A lady asked Kiara

She looked at me with a worried expression and I nodded "Go ahead, I'll talk to Amanda"

"That's what I'm worried about" She sighed "Just don't give her the dress" She added strictly

I smiled and turned back around to face Amanda "Its okay" Amanda said calmly "You guys won't last" She grinned "Whatever, you two can have each other" She rolled her eyes and turned for the door.

I let out an exasperated sigh of relief and turned around "There's a change room available" The lady who worked at the shop informed.

"Thanks" I sighed and walked towards the changing room to try on the dress.

"What? Then where am I going to get ready?" I said, with a confused look

Kiara was standing in the doorway of my house telling me I couldn't go in, and I was outside on the porch, trying to get into my house.

"I don't know" Kiara smiled "Go over to Dean's house or something, but today, you can't come here, and tell Dean he can't either" She giggled "Leigh and I are going to get ready"

"Okay I get the getting ready, but what about me?" I complained

"Like I said, go to Dean's" She suggested


"Go to Dean's"

"Can't Leigh just get ready at your house?" I looked down at her innocently

"Go to Dean's" She said as she shoved me out of the door "Bye Sam" She smiled and gave me a quick peck before closing the front door.

I stood there and just stared at the wooden door "Great…" I muttered "I guess I'm going to Dean's house then" I sighed in defeat

I got into the car and put my tux in the back seat and drove to Dean's house.


I knocked on the door and waited for a response. The door was opened by a Daniel, Dean's younger brother. "Hi Sam"

"Hey Daniel… Is Dean there?"

He nodded slowly and lazily opened the door. I walked through and saw Dean lying on the couch watching television. I cleared my throat, getting Dean's attention. He looked up at me and slowly sat up. "Sam" He looked startled

"Dean" I forced a smile "I got kicked out… Because Ki and Leigh want to get ready, so can I hang out here?"

Dean looked surprised "Sure" He muttered

I threw my tux down on a chair and took a seat next to Dean. I looked down on the floor to see a play station 2 "You got play station?" I raised my eyebrow


I laughed "I'll whip your ass" I grinned as I picked up the controller

I sat down on the toilet seat while Kiara grabbed some eyeliner "I swear you're going to look so pretty when I'm done" She giggled

"Yeah, well I'll have to do your make up to" I laughed

After we put make up on each other and got rid of any flaws, then we moved onto the hair. "So do you want your hair curled or straight? Out or up?" She asked as she held the hair dryer in on hand and the straightener in the other.

"Uhhh" I looked in the mirror at my straight brown hair "I don't know…" I shrugged

"Okay" She smiled "I'll surprise you then!" She giggled excitedly

She pulled out the straightener and grabbed a bunch of my hair. I waited patiently, sitting there for at least thirty minutes. "Okay I'm done" She smiled

I turned to face the mirror to see my hair in soft curly waves which were pinned up "Wow, that's… really pretty" I gapped "You're really good" I said as I stared at the mirror

"I used to be a hairdresser… part time" She smiled "And using a straightener to curly it makes it look heaps nicer" She added

"Wow, okay… should I do yours?" I asked. There was no way I could do anything that was half as good as her, but I had to offer

"Nah its okay, go put on your dress" She smiled

I nodded, walked over to my room and picked up the black dress which was laid on my bed. I stripped down and slipped it on. The corset was pretty tight, but I guess they're meant to be tight. Wow, my boobs looked huge! The dress looked so pretty!

Kiara came into the room and looked at me "Wow that looks really good" She smiled "Just the back" She muttered. I turned around and she pulled the two straps, tightening the corset and tied them together.

I looked in the mirror, and I have to say… I did look pretty good. I checked the time and it was seven o'clock. The guys should be here any minute. I turned back to Kiara to see her in her dark blue dress. She looked gorgeous!

"You look gorgeous!" I exclaimed

"And you look hot! Dean is going to love you in that!"

I laughed

"The guys should be here any sec-"

There was a knock coming from the front door. I smiled hugely and turned to Kiara. "You ready?"

"Yup" She nodded "You?"

I grinned "Yeah… I'm ready" I heard my mum open the door and greet Dean. Suddenly I felt nervous, there were butterflies in my stomach and I giddy. "Okay maybe not" I muttered

"You'll be fine" Kiara comforted

"So will you" I smiled and gave her a quick hug. We proceeded to the top of the stairs and looked down at the two boys wearing tuxedos. I was expecting to see Sam standing at least ten metres away from Dean, but from the looks of it they were getting along…

Kiara took a step down on to the first step and I followed. All three heads turned to look up at us.

Ahh I hate it when people stare at me. I just wanted to get it over with, so I quickened my pace down the stairs. Of course my mum was snapping shots of us walking down the staircase. How cliché…

I got to the bottom of the stairs and looked up at Dean, who was standing next to Sam. I looked between them and raised my eyebrow.

Dean didn't seem to notice, because he was looking down at me. I looked up at him, which made me blush bright red. "You look so beautiful"

If it was possible, I turned even redder. "And you look great" I gave him a quick peck. His hair was still in a mess, but tonight his eyes seemed bluer than ever.

"Alright kids, I'll just take a photo" My mother interrupted

Great, the worst part of the night… picture taking.

After about fifteen minutes of putting on a smile and posing for the camera, my mum finally let us leave. "Have fun" She waved from the house

Sam and Kiara must have left, because they disappeared. Dean and I waited in front of the house. I looked around for his car but there was no sign of it. "Are we going to walk?" I looked up at Dean

He laughed "Only if you want to. Did I mention you look beautiful?"

"Yes… you did" I smiled

I turned around to see a black limousine in front of the house "This…?" I cocked my head to the side and squinted my eyes

He nodded

"Is our ride?" I finished my sentence

"Yep" He grinned. Then he picked me up bridal style and carried me over to the limo.

"Dean, what are you doing?" I laughed

"Taking you to the dance" He smiled

"Fucking hell you look so fucking sexy" I smiled slyly as I looked Kiara up and down

She raised her eyebrow and pursed her lips, trying desperately to hide her amusement "And you look good Sam"

"Thanks babe" I leaned in and kissed her passionately. She pulled back with a smile on her face, looking very amused. I grinned back and slipped my arm around her waist as we walked over to the car. I went around and opened her door for her then went around the driver's side and got in.

"So, you're cool about Dean and Leigh now?" She brought up casually as I backed out of the driveway "You guys seem to be… not at each others throats"

"He's okay" I shrugged

"So you're accepting them then?" She asked cautiously, obviously trying to hide the curiosity in her voice

"Ummm" I thought for a minute "Yeah… I guess… Dean's not such a bad guy anyway… Maybe I was wrong before, but I don't know… I guess I was wrong" I said quietly, surprised by my own words "I think he really loves her" I added seriously

I didn't realise I had actually started to accept them until…well…just then. Did I really accept them?

"That's great Sam" She beamed "Can I say I told you so?" She smiled cheekily

I grinned as I stopped at the red light "Only if I get a kiss" I leaned over to her and touched my lips to hers. I felt her smile against my lips.

"Well I'm glad you finally let Leigh go" She smiled up at me "I mean, I was getting worried…"


"Well, at the rate you were going she would have ended up a single old lady living with a bunch of cats" She laughed

"I would have let her… I just didn't want the wrong guys with her" I said defensively

"Which is basically every guy, and any guy out there" She teased

I pouted, what's with all the attacks? "So, you look great tonight" I tried subtly changing the subject

She raised her eyebrow at my subtlety "Sure Sam, sure…"

"You do"

"So your not just trying to change the subject" She raised her eyebrow and crossed her arms over her chest

"Umm… no…" I answered nervously as I stared out at the road, being careful not to accidentally meet her eyes

"So why did you tell me to pack all my bags?" She asked curiously

"Because" A smile spread across my face

She had no idea what I had planned for her tonight. I had asked her to pack her bags for after the dance, she didn't know why, but packed them anyway.

"Sam…What did you do?" She asked sceptically

"Why do you say it like I did something bad?"

"I don't know" She shrugged "Is it?"

"You'll find out after the dance"

We arrived in the front of the school. It was well decorated with black and white balloons everywhere. Even though we were outside, I could hear the music coming from the gym.

"Remind me why I'm doing this again?" I looked up nervously at Dean

"Don't be nervous" He comforted as he placed his hand around my waist

We walked over to the gym which was extremely crowded. We got to the entrance, lining up to enter the gym. I looked around and most of the girls were looking in our direction. Suddenly the butterflies in my stomach reappeared.

"Dean…" I started


"I'm nervous"

He cracked a smile "I'm here"

And somehow that comforted me.

We got to the front of the line at the ticket table and gave out teachers to a flustered Mrs. Duchie. She smiled, obviously recognising that we were in one of her classes and let us in. The gym was crowded and couples were dancing mostly in the middle of the gym. Groups of friends stood at the side of the wall, not daring to enter the dance floor. There were tables on the side that had punch and other drinks, and teachers behind those tables serving the drinks. A huge disco ball was in the middle of the gym hanging from the ceiling, and balloons, which had floated up to the ceiling.

"You should know I'm not very good at dancing" My voice cracked

He raised his eyebrow "The other night you were"

"That was more like… swaying…" I sighed "I can't dance… honestly"

He leaned his head down and whispered in my ear "What are you afraid of"

My body relaxed at his sudden proximity "That I'll look stupid" I admitted

"You look beautiful" He commented again "You won't look stupid" He promised

I groaned "But you haven't seen me dance" I started "I'll look stupid and people will laugh…"

He moved his face so it was now inches away from mine. My heart beat increased "I'll kick their asses if they laugh" He said seriously with no hint of humour in his voice

I groaned "Is that supposed to be comfortin-"

I was interrupted because he pressed his lips against mine. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I moved my arms up and put them around his neck. My heart raced, and a shiver went down my spine. I wanted more. I pulled back for a second and my eyes locked with his. I put my hand on the back of his head and pulled him in again. He rained kissed down my neck, and then I opened my eyes and looked around at the people staring at us.

My cheeks turned bright red "Dean"


"Uhhh, people are staring" I hinted

"Okay" He smiled and pressed his lips to mine again

I smiled against his lips then pulled away "Like, a lot of people are staring" I added

He laughed "I know"

"LEIGH! DEAN!" said a familiar voice

I spun around to see Shaun running over to us "Hey Shaun!" I smiled

"How are you guys" Shaun said as he approached us. He was also wearing a tux, and his black hair was still messy, but somehow looked neater.

"We're great" I smiled

He laughed "I know, I think everyone knows… cause of the little show you just did"

I rolled my eyes "So where's Ashley?" I said excitedly

"Ummm" Shaun shifted his weight from foot to foot. I haven't seen him this nervous for a long time. He scratched the back of his neck then looked up and gave me a sheepish smile.

"Shaun you okay?"

Shaun put his hands out and started making lots of hand movements "Yeah… uhhh, Ashley… well ya see" Shaun started

"Shaun here's your drink" Said a low voice

I looked up to see a brown haired guy next to Shaun, holding out a drink for Shaun to take. He had green eyes and was about the same height as Shaun.

"Thanks Ash" Shaun bit his bottom lip and looked at Dean and I nervously

"Ash?" Dean questioned

"Yeah, that's me" Ash smiled as he held out his hand for Dean to shake. Dean took it and smiled.

Ashley, Ash, Ash sounds like a nick name for Ashley… ASHley… ASH! OH MY GOD ASH WAS ASHLEY!

"You're Ashley?" I blinked up at the tall brown haired boy

"Yeah" He nodded "But you can call me Ash"

I looked over at Shaun who was smiling sheepishly as he scratched the back of his neck. "Hey Ash, could you give us a second?" Shaun looked at Ash. Ash looked between us.

"Sure" He nodded and walked away.

"Shaun?" Dean and I said in unison

"Hi guys" Shaun smiled timidly

"You do know Ash is a gu-" Dean started but I nudged him with my elbow

"It's okay Shaun" I smiled

"I was going to tell you guys… I tried, but" He bit down on his bottom lip

"So you're…"

"Yeah" Shaun nodded "I'm gay"

We had been at the dance for about one and a half hours. It was getting really noisy and crowded and Kiara kept on complaining, so we decided to leave. We walked over to the black car, well more of I walked over to the black car, because I was carrying Kiara in my arms. She was laughing and protesting for me to put her down, but I think deep down she liked it.

"Sam seriously, put me down" She objected

"Why?" I smiled


I raised my eyebrow sceptically

When we got to the black car we had arrived in I put her down.

"Was that really necessary?" She raised her eyebrow and put her hand on her hip

I shrugged and smiled "I know you liked it"

She pursed her lips to try and hide her smile, but I saw right through her act

She rolled her eyes "Well… That was a lot of dancing" She puffed

"Yeah" I grinned "Did you have fun?" I asked hopefully as I opened the car door for her

She got in and carefully lifted up her skirt, making sure it didn't touch the floor "Yeah, it was great. So where are you taking me?" She asked curiously

"It's a surprise" I grinned as I closed her door

I walked around the car and got into the drivers seat. I put on my seat belt and put the car keys in the ignition.

"I love you a lot, you know that babe?"

"And you're not just saying that to try and change the subject?" She looked up hopefully

I laughed "No, I really love you"

"I love you too, now where are you taking me?"

I laughed

"Sam, please tell me" She begged "where are you taking me?"

"You really want to know?"

"Yeah" She looked up at me eagerly

My smile widened to its full extent "Paris… We're going to Paris"

There were a few seconds of silence as Shaun shuffled his feet "Does anyone else know?" I asked cautiously

"Just you guys…" He pursed his lips

I couldn't imagine how nervous he would be telling us. He was obviously afraid, like we wouldn't accept him. I wanted to let him know we were still here for him, and we always would be, no matter what he was.

"Do your parents know?"

"Ummm… I haven't told them yet" He rubbed his hand on the back of his neck

"Well, we're still here for you Shaun" I smiled and gave him a hug "We'll always be here for you"

"Thanks guys" Shaun smiled sincerely

I looked up at Dean, who had his hands in his pockets "Yeah Shaun, we're here for you" Dean smiled

"Thanks" Shaun answered "And don't worry Dean, I don't have a crush on you" Shaun laughed, lightening up the mood

Dean laughed

"So… When did you know?" I asked curiously

"A while back. I wanted to tell you but-"

"It's okay Shaun" I comforted "Well you and Ash make a great couple" I smiled and hugged Shaun again

"Thanks" Shaun smiled sheepishly "Well… I'll see you guys around then, Ash is probably getting bored on his own" Shaun scratched his head

"Bye Shaun" I waved

"Bye" He smiled half-heartedly before he turned around

I turned back to Dean as Shaun ran off to Ash "Did you know?" I cocked my head to the side

"Nope" Dean shook his head "Did you?"

"Of course not… I mean… I didn't think he was gay, I just thought he was… different?" I looked over at Ash and Shaun "Well at least he's happy" I smiled "I'm happy for him" I put my arms around Dean's neck

"Yeah, he's happy" Dean placed his hands around my waist and we began to slow dance to the music even though it was rock music and totally didn't suit slow dancing. "You look really beautiful tonight" Dean whispered in my ear

"And you look great" I smiled back

"No seriously… you look so great" He grinned "Every guy in the room right now is so jealous" He laughed

I rolled my eyes "No they aren't"

"Look around" Dean raised his eyebrow

I looked around to see a lot of couples staring at us, both guys and girls. I looked at the girls, and they were staring at Dean, but I noticed most were staring at me with envious eyes. "Have you seen the girls staring at you?" I raised my eyebrow

"Have you seen the guys?"

"Yes, but they're just staring at you… cause… cause… your so cool?" I thought up lamely

He laughed "Cool?" He raised his eyebrow

"Well I couldn't say that they were in love with you… cause that would just be awkward" I smiled sheepishly

He pursed his lips to stop himself from smiling


"You're adorable" He smiled

"And you're perfect" I matched. I leaned my head down on his hard shoulders as we slowly moved to the music. I stared out at the couples having fun and enjoying themselves. Shaun and Ash were at the punch table and they looked like they were having a good time. I turned my head to look around, and caught a glimpse of a blond haired girl in a bright red dress. Lauren. Her date was recognisable, yet I couldn't quite figure out who he was… Jack?

"Hey Dean, do you mind if we go outside for a bit?" I mumbled as I looked over his shoulder at the girl in the red dress


I was about to take a step for the door, but Dean scooped my up in his arms. I laughed, I felt like the happiest and luckiest girl in the world. There was nothing that would ruin tonight. Lauren and Amanda couldn't do anything, because I was with Dean and I was happy.

He brought me outside over to the beach and placed me down gently on the sand. He sat down beside me as I stared out into the horizon. "The sunset tonight is really beautiful" I whispered

"Yeah" Dean nodded slowly

I rested my head against his chest and snuggled up to his warm body. "I just want to stay this way forever" I whispered out my thoughts

"We can" He leaned down and placed a kiss on my forehead

I giggled "I know" I sighed happily "That's what's so great about it" I looked up at him starry eyed "So, will you promise to tell me something?" I tilted my head to the side

"What is it?"

"Mmmm, something… promise me first?" I looked up at him innocently

"Do I have a choice?" He frowned and raised his eyebrow

"Nope" I smiled happily "No matter what you say, I'm going to make you tell me anyway" I laughed as I turned my head back to look at the sun setting behind the water.

"Alright then" He said reluctantly "What is it?"

"How are you?"

"That was your big question?"

"Yeah" I lifted my head up to have a look at his expression "Well… Are you having a good time?"

He raised his eyebrow and looked down at me then smiled "What do you think?" He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. I must say, the kiss probably would have lasted longer if we weren't in such an awkward kissing position. I pulled back only to open my eyes to see blue ones, staring back.

"I love you" I whispered and smiled as I leaned up to press my lips to his again

"I love you too" He managed to get in, before out lips touched. I smiled against his lips and wrapped my arms around his neck.

He was adorable, and he was perfect, and best of all… he was mine. He was Dean Peters, the boy that everyone loved and wanted, and the best part was that he loved and wanted me.

The thought made my smile widen. I slowly sat up so that I was sitting in his lap, kissing him.

We pulled apart and looked out at the beach and the sun which was setting "I hope we stay this way forever" muttered dreamily

"I do too" He whispered. He put his hand in his pocket and finally pulled something out. A box… A small black felt box.

"What is it?" I asked curiously

"It's for you" He smiled down at me


He laughed and put the small black box in my hand. I stared at it for a few seconds, not really thinking. "Thank you Dean" I smiled up at him

"You know, the present is inside the box" He laughed

I felt a sudden warmth in my cheeks. Oh God I was stupid! Yeah, of course it would be inside the box! "Umm yeah, I knew that" I said shyly and held my breath as I slowly opened the box

Inside the box was a beautiful necklace which was silver and held diamond shaped heart. I looked up at Dean and looked back down at the necklace again. It was so beautiful.

"T…Thank You" I thanked Dean as I threw my arms around him

After I pulled back I stared down at the necklace and continued to admire it "its beautiful Dean" I gushed. I flipped the necklace over to see words engraved on the back.

'I love you forever Leigh

Love Dean'

"Thank you so much Dean, I love you!" I put my arms around his neck and pressed my lips to his. He kissed me back with a smile on his lips

"I love you more" He smiled

I rolled my eyes "Wanna bet?" I challenged

"Yeah" He nodded happily

I laughed "You don't know how much I love you Dean…" I said quietly

"Maybe not, but you don't know how much I love you Leigh. I would do anything for you"

I blushed "Yeah, like jump in front of a gun" I laughed

"Yeah" He smiled softly

I picked up the necklace and put it around my neck. I couldn't quite clip the ends together, so Dean brushed aside my hair and clipped the two ends together.

"So… Before I went to sleep the other night, you were going to tell me something?"

"Yeah" He said grimly

There was something about his 'yeah' that wasn't quite right, like I had brought up an avoided subject or something bad or depressing. The smile on his face disappeared, and all that was left was sadness.

Dean nodded, but his mind seemed to be somewhere else

"Dean… Are you okay?" I turned to look into his blue eyes

"Ummm, Yeah" He nodded, but I didn't believe him. Maybe it was the way he ran his hand through his hair… He always seemed to do that when he was nervous.

"What is it?" I prodded

"Leigh, I need to tell you something…" He began softly

"Sure... what is it?" I urged him on

"I don't know how to… and I don't know if I can…" He said softly, with sadness filling his eyes

I got the hint that it was something bad, maybe he did something bad. Maybe he was worried that if he told me I wouldn't be here for him anymore…

"What is it? It's okay Dean… I'll always be here for you. Always" I smiled softly

But my words just seemed to make it harder for him "I know" He whispered

"What is it?" I asked slowly, trying hard to hide the caution in my voice

He lifted up his head and looked up into my eyes "My dad got accepted in this big law firm" He said grimly

"Cool, that's great" I wrapped my arms around him, but his body was still

"Leigh… I'm moving…" He said slowly

"What?" I whispered, slowly pulling back "Moving houses… or moving… countries?" I asked silently, not sure if I wanted to know the answer

"To England…" He clarified

I felt the moisture build up in my eyes, slowly blurring my vision. This couldn't be happening… Dean and I were finally together, and we were happy. Within a few moments, my world had practically disintegrated, just like that. I don't know what I'd ever do without him… I didn't even want to think about it. I looked up into his eyes, to see them filled with sadness.

"But, But…You… You can't be moving…" My voice broke

"…Come with me…" He asked slowly, with a hint of hope in his voice

The tears were spilling out of my eyes; I could feel them running down my cheeks "I… I can't" I sobbed "Please… Dean… don't leave… please… stay with me" I begged

I put my arms around him, resting my head on his chest. He held me in his arms like he never wanted to let go… and I didn't want him to…

More tears ran down my cheeks and my breathing became erratic. I held on to him tightly, my arms locked around him. "Please Dean… Stay with me" I said as I looked up into his deep blue eyes "Stay with me…" I whispered pleadingly

Then I saw the sadness in his eyes slowly turn to determination "I will…" He promised. He leaned his head down, looking into my eyes and pressed his lips to mine once more. "I will"

…And I knew he would.


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