She is dancing under a moonless sky

Running into shadows as she flies

On the breeze rushing through her hair

Creating chaos so lovely

Feet gripping pavement and running

Down the endless street of blissful wonder

Her eyes shine in awe reflections of the

Shimmering skies kissing darkness

Bare hands so pale and cold

Sickly flowing in the starlight so empty

Only to be filled with imperfect hands

Like sunshine seeping into her skin with

Unlovely intentions

Leaving permanent indents from silver rings

Unbeautiful scars of him on her skin

Lustful eyes locking, lacking love

And false adoration pulls her down onto

Carpets of green grass so wet with

The tears she has yet to cry

She has fallen

Shatter, scatter pieces across the velvet black

Abyss of the heavens

Throwing the plunging diamonds up

Even stars cry for her pain