Drops of sunshine caressing from smiles

Brining life to shattered, hopeless souls

Drying unshed tears falling from graceless eyes

She is dancing in her sorrow

And singing through her pain

Through her feet tread across the broken shards

Of dying dreams

And her voice is but a rasping noise lost in the

Chaotic air

She will push herself onto the silver streets

Seducing the unlovely thing that has become who she is

Daylight dreams crushed into the starlight sky

Where lips touch soft skin unwanted

Rising emotionless into her disgrace, disguise

Clothing herself in the red dress

So tauntingly walking to her corner of the world

Captured by lust and drenched in shallow kisses

Pulling at the sheets, gasping in the cold air

No loveā€¦no love

She pockets dirty green and walks away

Tainted again

From the nightly motels where she

Hides herself from the world in the most naked way

Heals tapping into taxi cabs, running to the dead streets

Lifeless as the sunshine strokes her cheeks

Almost forgetting her heart so broken

Almost unbeautiful