Jealously eats at her mind,

understanding is lost to

subsequent madness. Just can't

take it anymore.


Can she find her way

and make her way out of this

nasty mind-eating way of life,

this horror that she's living in.


Tear the fabric of thoughts from her mind

and run and run and never return. It's

killing her, slowly, but surely,

ever move she makes is closer to death.


It's never going to be over, will it?

The pain, the suffering, the hurt?


Are we going to make it – make it through life.

No answers are murmured to her reply.

You are alone, the voices say and

mock her slowly, but surely. You'll give it

or you'll melt away and believe that

rash moves leave you helpless. And you just can't

ever be the same; just can't take anymore.