What do you do?

What do you do when your heart is broken

into little pieces

and scattered all around you...?

That's what happened

to me

and I can't go on now...

It hurt too much!

The damage is done.

My heart cannot be repaired...

It is too late!


I cannot go on!

How can I go on

when I am afraid

to face life?

I am afraid...

Oh yes I am afraid!

Afraid of getting hurt again...

My heart has not healed

It can never be healed!

Those good times we spent together

are just memories now!


which whenever resurface

hurt yet again

and break my heart

from the start!

I wish I had never met you!

If so,

I would have never felt


but then

I would have never felt


those stirrings in my heart

would have never been there!

I don't know now

what to do

what to say

what to feel...

I am at loss!

Help will never come

because everyday

I hide.

A mask is easier...

more useful.

You cannot be hurt

if you are never yourself...

And all I am now

is just an imitation...

An imperfect image

of who I was before

A mask is all I am now!

A/N: There is no ray of hope!