Baby girl you sit in the corner

Loveless blood butterfly kisses

Attached to your pearly skin

Sinking feeling of horror

It is your fault, all your fault

Tainted beauty disgraced

Into selfish desires of flesh

He took away the one thing

You had so tucked away

Singing to your body piano

Songs as background music

Ironic happenings as flesh

Tore away and unwanted actions

Become sorry realities

No escaping what never should

Have been

Baby boy you sit in the corner

Waiting for her to return to your

Bloody bathtub where you sink

Into scars never meant to heal

She loves you, really loves you

Bruises fade back into your skin

While cuts sometimes stay but

It is alright because with every blow

To your unsmiling face and crippled

Legs you feel kisses from the knuckles

Whispering i love yous into your

Unlovely skin and flowing eyes

In your own painful breaking is

Your greatest beauty

I sit in the corner now

Arms wrapped around myself

Wondering why my life is good

Why I am not the hurting one

My life is good, always so good

So can I make it better for you

The ones I write about without

Truly knowing who you are

Just another girl, just another boy

Living hidden lives of painful

Agony and dis function never

Revealed to be anything more than

Normal is what we think we see

But we never really know the masks

You hide behind so pretty

Can I save the ones who can't

Save Themselves