I'm not supposed to let you back in

But I want to

But I want to

Don't you know it.

Hurt me already

Already again

But I feel myself letting you in

Do you believe in second chances?


Apparently I do.

Do you believe in second chances?

You tell me,

am I a fool for believing you?

It's about talking those risks

Don't you know it?

What do you have to say?

Is it hurting you?

To take initiative? Good for you.

But I am going to challenge you

Yes I am

You like that though, don't you,

To be challenged,

You said.

Well, take it

Take it

Take it away.

You can have it

In fact you already do,

You just don't realize it yet,

Well open your eyes boy

Open your eyes

And see for what it is.

Take it and have it

That those around us may know

But we don't care about them

And we don't have to live by their rules.

You don't realize that yet

But you will

But you will

And it will be worth it

If you only let it

How happy it would make me

To hold you

And know

That you have not settled

And you're not giving in

And you're happy to be here

Oh it will be work

But it will be worth it

If only you let it

Let it go boy

Let it go

Sometimes that's the point

Lots of erasing.