Good Morning America

Welcome to the land of the Rising Sun

Where people don't walk, no they run

Go liberate the faithless

from their lives, so tasteless

Tucked away while time passes

Huddled in their huddled masses

Good Morning America

We got something to tell ya

We've been nailed to crosses of pure gold

We're going back to the days of old

We're a beggar sitting on a bench of wealth

Yet we can't afford our health

We fight your wars of liberation

No, they're wars of Domination

We live in a land, a land of the free

We live in a land of opportunity

We live in a land of tyranny

Good Morning America

Now we've weighed ourselves to death

Don't have clean air to draw a breath

The only place we walk to is a bank

We have to find a God to thank

Good Morning America