Open. Open up. That's what Luke wanted to happen.


They say lights are what you want them to be. They said shadows were just figments of an overactive imagination. What you saw wasn't real at all.

The shadows are the dark side of imagination. Only, it seemed that sometimes the dark side, the shadows moving on our walls is real. He saw them move, disappear, and reappear again. Look hard enough and you could see the Boogey Man hiding underneath his bed at night.

Luke was grown up now; twenty-eight to be exact. Twenty-eight and still the lights dimmed, the shadows moved and the eyes glared at him. The crevices on the walls, throughout the house whispered to him as his dreams did when he was younger. When somebody could call to him.


Almost like a lullaby.


So soothing and

"Do you see something?"


"Do you hear something?"

comfortable even


The red eyes glow

"Wake up!"

the heart beats loud.


And now Luke is here, staring at the bedroom door with calm brown eyes from his bed, willing it to open up.

Open up.

((AN: i've been reading waaaay too much Stephen King...O.o if you have any questions please ask me...this was just a random story idea based on the current characters playing in my head...))