Timmy Diamond

Part I: When They Come

Once upon a time, there lived a small seven-year-old boy named Timmy Diamond. He lived along Market Street near Grant Park in Salem, Oregon. Timmy had brown hair and big, green eyes. His family and friends would say he's a nice, friendly boy, but one who was obsessed with zombies!

His best friends were Ryan and Tracey. Ryan was average height, for a fifth grader, and eight years old with black hair and small blue eyes. He was overall a shy person, but quite nice once he began to feel comfortable. His main hobby was performing magic tricks, but strictly to family and close friends.

Tracey, on the other hand, was a tall, lean eight-year-old girl with shiny blonde hair and hazel eyes. She was always funny, happy, and just the sort of person that is fun to hang out with. Her favorite hobby was drawing.

Timmy bought just about all the books on zombies he could find. He was always checking out the library and stores to find new books to purchase to satisfy his craving for more knowledge of zombies.

One day he came across what appear to be another zombie book he had yet to buy. So, he asked his mom if he could buy it and she replied with her common, "yes." He bought the book and went back home to begin reading. On chapter three, he found a spell to reanimate the dead. This would be his chance to see some real zombies! The excitement overwhelmed him and he prepared what was needed. When it was time, he poured in the final ingredient and held his breathe with anticipation. But nothing happened. Nothing at all! Timmy was utterly disappointed because he actually thought that it might work.

So, he went to Grant Park with Ryan and Tracey until 8:30 when his mom called him back home to get ready for bed. He aroused the next morning to a scratching, irritating noise that was coming from outside. As he rubbed his eyes and looked out his window, he was dumbstruck at what he saw. His backyard was filled to the brim with zombies! And not only his yard, but the neighbors yards and the streets, too.

Apparently, the spell had worked, but it just took a little more time than Timmy expected. His facial expression varied between fascination and horror. He was just mainly surprised to see that the spell actually worked. He ran downstairs to find his parents, but instead he noticed that his front door was slightly ajar. He rushed to shut it, but a swarm of zombies flooded through. He stopped dead in his tracks and high-tailed it back to his room where he locked the door.

Then he called Ryan and Tracey to meet him at Grant Park down the street. When he hung up, he took a deep breathe and ran to the door. He unlocked it and sped down the stairs, trying to avoid the zombies.

He finally reached the park limits, noticing Ryan and Tracey standing on the highest jungle gym structure to evade the zombies onslaught. He made his way through the an opening in the zombie mob and darted up the structure. Timmy explained what had happened and, had it not been for the mob of zombies surrounding them, they might not have believed him.

After a moment of silence, Timmy started to announce a plan he'd been thinking about. His plan was to get the zombie book and find a counter-curse to stop the zombies. But the only problem was that the book was back at his house. So, when Timmy, Ryan , and Tracey had summed up enough courage, they jumped off the structure and flew over the mob of zombies. Then they bolted back to his house, while avoiding the zombies, and burst through his bedroom door.

Timmy scrambled through the miscellaneous stuff in his desk until he found the book. Without hesitation, he began skimming through the pages, finally coming across a counter-curse. He ran to Ryan and told him to open the door, so he could shout it out, but the second the door opened a zombie grabbed Timmy by the shirt and dragged him down the stairs. With that the book dropped and also tumbled towards the bottom of the stairs.

As soon as it happened, Ryan and Tracey ran to down to retrieve the book and headed back up to the room. When they finally found the spell, they were completely bewildered at how to pronounce the word.

Meanwhile, Timmy's predicament seemed to grow worse as the zombie was beginning to take him outside to have the other zombies feed upon his flesh. So, with all his might, he elbowed the zombie and blew a hole right in its chest. It crumbled to pieces and Timmy was free. He ran to his bedroom door and began to pound loudly while screaming at the top of his lungs. They opened the door and he told them to follow him to the park.

When at the park, they climbed back to the highest structure and awaited the coming of all the zombies. Apprehension took control of them all and all they had now was faith. It was time.

Zombies, by the hundreds, gathered around the structure and tried to climb it with no success. Timmy, Ryan, and Tracey cleared their throats and, in unison, shouted out the counter-curse, "YOMANACHASHEE!"

Five seconds was all that passed when every zombie blew up into dust. Everyone of them; all gone. The friends all let a sigh of relief.

As the sun was showing its last few rays of light and they began to walk home, they conversed about what might have happened if Timmy never bought the book in the first place. But it was just another of life's obstacles that was thrown in front of them and they overcame it. And with that, the day ended on a solemn manner.