These are the backgrounds of the main boys in the story next are the girls. Enjoy


-Fang and Talon Kyuuketsu (means blood sucker), the only two surviving sons of the vampire lord Dracula Kyuuketsu. Ever since they had been born they had been victims of their father's cruelty. They don't remember their mother for she died a few days after Talon's birth. The only people whom ever acted motherly to them were the maids who tended to them.

They vowed to never again take the blood of a human unless it was a life or death situation, as they saw their father feed on a young girl. Raping and killing her ruthlessly. They hated him with a passion, but had to grudgingly stay with their cold undead father.

Fang is the older of the two by a year he was the pure vampire, the one whom had to frequently know where the stronger animals, such as bears, wolves and, cougars lived. He like his father could not travel into the sunlight, confining him to the castle he bitterly hated.

Talon was a half-blood, since his mother's blood mixed with his at birth he was born thus. He did not need to be confined like his brother for his human blood protected him from the sunlight but he still rarely left, for he was hated in the surrounding villages as was anyone whom had an affiliation with Dracula.

Their father would beat them again, and again without mercy. They had once in the dead of night taken refuge in another village where only a kind-hearted woman who had a son

Fang's age would take them in. They did this until their father had found out. When they went back for refuge the village was empty and the ground soiled with blood.


-Razor Itome (slit-eyed), a victim of a raid had known the two boys mentioned above for he has given them shelter before but this is not important, yet. What is though was this raid; it was special for the raiders were werewolves. He had been living happily at the age of 9, and was swimming right before the attack. He loved taking a swim in the river before bed time. The clouds that hid the sky rolled slowly away revealing a full moon. His mother came to get him and was taking him back into the house as the air filled with the noise of multiple howls, howls not of regular wolves.

His mother's face contorted with fear as she rushed him towards the house. But something prevented them from getting there. A huge black-pelted werewolf towering over them. Razor's mother screamed and scooped him up quickly running towards the center of town, but she abruptly stopped as the townspeople were being slaughtered mercilessly by a brown and grey-pelted were wolf.

They grey-pelt turned and smirked a horrible red-fanged smirk, and began stalking towards them. Razor whimpered in fear, he could see the malice in the werewolf's eyes. His mother attempted to turn and run only to fail as clawed, furry hands clamped down on her shoulders; the black-pelt had caught them.

She dropped Razor and screeched, "RUN!"

Razor bolted off crying as he heard the screams of his mother, and then silence. He collapsed to the floor in sobs when the silence came. He knew full well what had just happened.

Suddenly there was a rustling behind him and a sharp pain in his arm, as his world faded he heard two gunshots and then nothing.

He awoke in his bed his father looming over him, "You're awake now, huh?"

Razor nodded as sudden pain came into his eyes. He began yelling and his father attempted to help him but stopped dead. Razor kept yelling in pain and his nails began enlarging and pointing themselves. He collapsed onto his bed and his father ran out of the room. Razor stood wobbling and he began walking to get his father. But he stopped himself as he passed his mirror. He looked into it and saw something that made him yell in terror.

He had changed.

His pupils were now slits, his hair had grown ragged and wild. A sudden numbing came into his mouth and left, so he hurriedly and fearfully checked his teeth. His canines were enlarged and looked menacing.

He turned and saw his father aiming his shotgun at his head.

"DIE MONSTER!" he yelled as he pulled the trigger.

Razor dove away and crashed through the window to get away and he kept running until he could no longer see the town.

Razor was later captured by the same group of werewolves that had slaughtered his village and was kept as a slave. He would escape later and travel to meet his destiny.


Morning was but a small curmudgeon when his tragedy befell him, only 6 but he had already learned of all the evil creatures and had many medicines to fight against if he or any of his family were to turn into one, as that danger was imminent for a family of monster hunters.

Unfortunately Drac had a grudge against the family.

The young boy sat crying under a trapdoor in the floor, his mother ushered him through before a person had arrived. That person was Dracula himself. His father and mother fought valiantly, but they fought in vain. There was no way they would win. Dracula threw the two adults into the wall as if they were rag dolls.

He quickly broke the neck of Morning's father; his mother fell to his knees and cried out in anguish. Dracula was in front of her instantly and ripped out her throat. Blood cascaded down through the floor boards. Morning bit his lip to keep from screaming.

Dracula called in someone, a sorceress from Morning's discretion. She though walked right past Dracula and right towards Morning's hiding place. She punched through the floor boards and latched onto Morning's neck.

She pulled him out of the hiding place and smirked, "So you're the promise child, eh? Morning right?"

Morning remained silent.

She smacked him and yelled, "Answer me!"

Morning whimpered and shook his head.

The sorceress growled but then smirked.

"Fine," She said.

She chanted a few words and threw him hard against the wall. Morning had yell in pain when he hit and a lump was forming on his lower back and it was growing. It was stretching out painfully. As he was writhing in pain he felt his ears begin to change, they had become pointed and angled back. Soon a tail had formed itself on his lower back, and Morning was in too much pain to care.

The sorceress just laughed," You're not a pure incubus, but you'll do. Have a good time."

With that she left with a smirking Dracula.

Morning growled and yelled after them, "I'LL KILL YOU BOTH JUST YOU WAIT!"

Eight years later, Morning smirked down at the head of the disembodied sorceress.

"One down," he whispered and disappeared.


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