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Talon froze up, and Noon gave him a questioning glance.

"My brother did something that is about to change a lot of things," Talon said, worry in his voice.

Noon wrapped her arms around him to comfort him and Talon returned the embrace warily.

'What did you just do brother?' Talon thought as he rocked back and forth with Noon in his embrace.

Noon smiled and kissed him, Talon returned the kiss with gentleness. Noon mentally groaned in her mind, she didn't want gentleness! She loved that he cared but she wanted him to be rough with her as well! She deepened the kiss and roughly pushed her tongue into his mouth. Talon blushed and sucked on the foreign tongue causing Noon to moan into the kiss.

Talon smiled against her lips and pushed his tongue into her mouth, exploring every crevice of her mouth. Giving special attention to the places that made Noon moan into his mouth. But finally they were parted because of the need for air.

Talon panted a bit as he breathed in deeply. Noon smiled up at him and licked his nose like a pup. Talon smiled back at her and kissed her forehead gently, lovingly. Noon smiled happily and hugged him, burying her head in his shoulder. They both sighed happily and stood there together letting the world fade away from them if just for a moment.


Razor today sported his regular clothes, but today he wore a hoodie over his shirt with the hood up to hide his ears. He also wore black gloves and a pair of sunglasses to hide his identity. He walked into town as was customary for him every week to get food and another few essentials for living. He hoped not to run into trouble like last time and get run out of town again.

Of course in most stories, the main characters hopes are usually dashed.

Razor walked up the street and looked down the street, 'Great, police.'

Razor ducked into an alley and came face to face with a group of boys, no older than 14. They looked at him with a smirk and nodded to each other.

They ran forward and grabbed at him, tearing off his hoodie and knocking off his sunglasses. When they did though they yelled bloody murder as they saw Razor's appearance.

"WEREWOLF!" the boys cried running away.

Razor cursed and went to run when police blocked of the alley on both sides. He let out a string of curses and ran at them. The group of police flinched and got their batons ready to beat our poor werewolf. Razor crouched as he approached and pushed of the ground on all fours clearing the whole squad of the men in blue.

Their jaws fell open as he landed and began running off on all fours over to the exit of town. He looked like a running wolf, his hair rippling behind him as he ran top speed towards his destination. But his was beat when ten mounted police with shotguns stood in the way with muskets all ready to turn him into Swiss cheese.

"Crap," he muttered as he took off in the other direction.

He swore like a sailor when more villagers began to pile out and grab rocks and other weapons. He was assaulted with rocks and other hard objects. People caught him with thrown knives and as he ran, he pulled them out. Soon he was covered in soon to be bruises and shallow as well as deep cuts.

He turned off a corner to lose the villagers when there was a loud crack and a searing pain in his right bicep. He bit back his yell of pain as tears ran down his face. He ran faster and the villagers began to tire. He turned off again and ducked into the nearest building, a large general store owned by a girl he had met recently. He stumbled in and fell onto the floor, blood pooling under him.


Towa jolted up from the back counter as she heard a crash near the front of the store. She ran forward and heard Ina scream from the front of the store and ran faster. When she came to the scene she had a mix of feelings.

Anger at both a werewolf daring to come into her store and the villagers that forced him in here in this condition. Sadness at how he was treated, and plain hatred for what he was.


As soon as Ina heard the crash she ran from her place in a nearby aisle and screamed. She ran to Razor and whimpered as more blood seemed to pool onto the floor. She kneeled not caring that her pants became caked in blood. She saw that the worse of it was from a bullet wound to his upper right arm. She tore off a part of her shirt and wrapped it around the wound hoping to slow the blood flow.

She looked back to yell for Towa when she found that she was a short walk away.

"Help," she said meekly with tears threatening to spill.

Towa hesitated a bit and Ina's tears began to flow. She groaned in defeat and walked over; she picked up Razor and ran upstairs, hating the feeling of blood upon her. She set him in the shower and reluctantly stripped him to his boxers. She took down the shower head and began washing the blood soaked teen in front of her. Ina joined her with medical supplies and began treating him.


Towa groaned in frustration. That damn werewolf Ina was gaga over had been sleeping at their apartment now for four days! Her patience was running very thin. She could barely stand having a monster like the ones that had killed her mom and dad in the house. For all they knew he was tricking them and leading the werewolves to the town, or to be more specific to her and her friends.

Noon noticed her friend's killer intent and just kept washing the windows before closing time as a strange man walked towards the shop.


Dracula smirked as he walked the town tonight; he decided to blend in. So he took on the appearance of a normal hunter he had killed earlier. He walked into a general store that was owned by one of his victim's daughter. He chuckled darkly, he knew all to well she blamed only the werewolves for her parent's death.

'But I own the werewolves, and they are due for a bit of playing and destruction...'

Dracula smirked as he approached the door to the shop. But when he entered his face was one of complete and utter tiredness.

"Miss," he croaked. "Wine please, wine."

Towa looked away from the cans she was stacking and Noon stopped washing the windows. She nodded and got a bottle of wine for Drac in disguise. He popped out the screw and chugged it greedily, handing a 200 pound note (A/N 200 pound note 200 units of European money) to her. Towa nodded and went to the counter at the back of the store to get the disguised vampire's change.


Noon let out a quivering breath as Towa left towards the back, there was something about the man in the store that scared her. He was so familiar, yet she couldn't pinpoint who the hell the man was. She could sense though, that he had dark intentions and was ready for a fight.


Towa walked back after a moment with the man's change, "Here."

The man nodded and took the change from her while taking another swig of wine.

He looked straight into her eyes all of a sudden and in a tired voice spoke, "Miss there are werewolves coming."

Towa flinched, "Wh-what?"

The man sighed, "Someone in this village has been gathering werewolves and I think they are preparing for an attack. Hopefully we can catch the lead person before they can call the attack."

'Take the bait, that small thorn in my side, Razor, I think his name was, will be gone,' thought the man, Dracula, evilly.

Towa fully reached his expectations as the bloodlust in the room went up and she hissed in anger. Noon just stood in shock.

'Aren't we caring for a mangy mutt? Oh god…Towa's gonna tear him apart…' Noon thought as the man just turned and left.

Towa stared at the door for a second, then said with venom in her voice, "I'm going to go check on Ina and the mutt."

Then she left, Noon biting her lip and deciding whether or not to follow. She chose against it and hoped Ina would be okay and not crushed at her crush being a bastard that was leading other bastards to them. But Remember Razor is no bastard and Towa is walking alone in the streets.

Why is this important? Because she was abducted about a block away from the store when a cloth was put over her mouth and nose, a strong arm wrapped around her and a sweet smell put her to sleep. And soon she was limp in her captor's arm as he folded out his scaly, broken wings and shot upwards.


Razor awoke numb. He couldn't move and felt so tired, and when he strained to remember what had happened before...

He could recall nothing.

He raised his head with a bit of difficulty and scoped out wherever he was. The room was painted a midnight blue with a stripe of white cutting it in half horizontally. He groaned in pain and then his memories finally came back to him.

The horrible shit that happened reminded him of when he was run out of the village so long ago. He sniffed the air cautiously and groaned again as he couldn't sniff anything, there were so many chemicals in the air from the medicine and it snuffed any others out.

'Damn it,' he thought. He just laid his head back down and closed his eyes tiredly. His arm throbbing painfully from the bullet wound in it.

He was about to fall asleep when he heard someone enter. He opened his eyes and painfully swiveled his head over towards the door. There stood Ina her eyes red and puffy, a frown stuck onto her face, but she smiled when she saw Razor looking around.

"Lay your head down Razor and rest, you went through a lot four days ago," Ina said gently.

Razor's eyes widened and he pushed himself up quickly and painfully.

He winced and bit back a yell of pain and looked at her fearfully, "F-four days?"

Ina nodded slowly and walked over to Razor pushing him back gently onto the bed. Razor went down without a word and just stared up blankly at the ceiling. His expression was blank, it scared Ina a bit. She put her hand gently on his cheek stroking it with care.

"Why?" Ina asked a bit of curiosity overcoming her other senses.

"My job," he muttered. "I'm fired for sure now."

Ina frowned, "I'm sorry."

Razor shrugged, "Not your fault, but I guess the village accomplished what it wanted. It made me miserable."

Ina's frown deepened as Razor closed his eyes and appeared to have gone back to sleep. She sighed and took the blanket off of him and grabbed a roll of bandages. Razor shivered a bit but still kept his eyes closed; he wanted to know what she has done for him. She gripped his shoulders and pulled him slowly, making sure not to hurt him more than he already was and unwound the dirty bandages. They were covered in dried blood from the wounds Razor had suffered.

Ina frowned deeply and applied the antiseptic to his wound, causing Razor to hiss and wince but he kept his eyes shut. She began rubbing ointment on the fresh bandages and took her attention from the werewolf in front of her. Razor cautiously opened an eye and silently watched her, a small smile playing across his face.

'Why is she going through all this trouble for me?' Razor thought a bit confused, normally a person would've taken advantage of his condition and killed him.

His smile grew a bit, 'But this girl... Ina... She's far from normal.'

He closed his eye again as Ina turned back to him finished applying the ointment to the bandages. She carefully wrapped it around him, making sure it was tight enough to keep the bandage from slipping, but loose enough to not constrict his movements. She looked up at his face to see a gentle smile upon his lips. To her they were so enticing… So she leaned her head towards his slowly. Unsure why the heck she was doing this and brushed her lips gently against his.

Razor eyes shot open and soundlessly sighed as his muscles relaxed and a bit of the pain went away. Ina though was completely surprised and her face flushed red as she realized he had seen her kiss him!

'Now he must think I'm some kind of pervert!' She thought miserably.

She was about to apologize when someone took her hands and pulled her down onto the bed. She heard a small yelp of pain but nothing else as she looked down and saw Razor's hand son hers she looked back at Razor a bit confused when she felt a pushing at the back of her head and Razor's lips touched hers.


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