I actually wrote this (at school, during first period... x3 ) But even I'm not positive exactly what I'm trying to express with this poem. Someone is looking back on memories, yes, but... argh, you can look at it anyway you want :) Poems were never suppose to be specific right?


Sometimes you think,"I'm insane,"
Upon a tear, soaked in the rain,

Sometimes you just want to run,
Away from this, away from pain,

Sometimes you see something there,
Though, there's nothing there at all,

Sometimes you hear something clear,
Then turn, it merely disappears,

A trick of your mind, the line of creation,
A trick of your eye, pure imagination,
A trick of your ear, what is it you hear?

A glance, a man, from years ago,
A peek, a woman, you've seen before,

Their eyes refuse to open,
Their mouths refuse to speak,
You realize it's just memories, (of past and future),
A life, a time we seek.

By NeverRightNeverPerfect