The ice cold wind rippled through her blonde-white hair. The cold stung her ears, almost a mile below the battle raged on. Screams and the gentle clink of swords filled the frozen winter air. Her eyes shot open and she was suddenly aware of the darkening sky. Turning around she watched the last ray of sun disappear behind the misty mountaintops.

She had been waiting all day for this moment. She felt her hair slowly shrinking away, her body began to contort in a very strange way. She let out a squeal of joy that turned into a long howl. There she was on the peak of the mountain but was no longer an Elvin princess, but was a beautiful wolf. Where her beautiful sequined gown once sparkled was a thick coat of soft white fur. This was what she lived for.

Turning away from the cliff she began to run, pure excitement pushing her on. No obstacle stood in her way. Trees whipped past her unbelievably sensitive ears. This was her time to enjoy herself and be free from her princess life. Everyone expected her to be perfect and beautiful at all times but they only knew her title, they didn't know her. She kept running no force could stop her. She was the unknown wolf, the kingdom feared it and she was it. Just like her they didn't understand the wolf and she hoped it would remain that way forever.

Dawn broke across the land; the sun burnt her tawny eyes. She felt her fur begin to fall away from her pale shining skin. Her hair fell down past her shoulders. Once again she was Princess Nyandra Elizabeth Odey of the forest kingdom of the elves. She climbed off of the ground and dusted her dress off. The sequins shown in the early morning sun and there was a pleasant breeze in the air. Then with a sigh she turned around and began her journey down the mountain.

Upon reaching the bottom Nyandra began to run at full speed toward the site of the battle. Bodies littered the beautiful courtyard every square inch was covered in a body of one of the enemies. No one moved it was over. A shout behind her almost gave her a heart attack.

"Princess!" yelled an annoying voice. "Nyandra come quick!"

"What is it?" she asked nervously.

"It's your father, he's been injured!" She cried. "The doctor just arrived but he says that he has slim chances of survival."

She heard the words but didn't understand them. Suddenly, she turned and ran. Her beautiful white dress flew behind her as she neared the mountain. Up the cliff she ran, ignoring when her dress caught onto twigs. By the time she reached the top her eyes were puffy and her dress was torn.