Chapter 4

Getting Colser

Ryo's P.O.V.

A few days had passed and I was getting concerned she still hadn't woke up yet and was about to have Yoko go and get Aiko again. Just then she started to wake. "Well look who finally decided to come to." I say as I sit on the bed next to her. "What happened?" She asked as she sat up. "Some guy called Damon I think tried to kill you two days ago. Who is he?" I ask still very worried. "He was the one who killed my parents and my older brother. We were getting ready for supper when he came in. Father and brother tried to get him out, but he slaughtered them. He came after me and I tried to run but he was too fast for me and he bit me. Mom came in at the time and he saw her he killed her slowly in front of me. He came back to finish and he took almost all my blood and left me their to die. Sumi was our neighbor and she saw him leave so she came over to find mom, dad, and brother dead, and me barley alive. So she slit her wrist and gave me some of her blood so I could live. And so begin my life as a half breed." She explained as she started to cry. I hugged her and tried to sooth her after about twenty min. She fell asleep in my arms. I promised myself that from then on she would be safe, that he wouldn't hurt her ever again. I laid her down and I laid down next to her and went to sleep.

The next night I wake up and she wasn't in bed then heard the shower running and figured she had got in. "Yumiko you in their?" I asked as I knocked on the door. "Yeah, I'm fine." She called back. "Ok." I said as I went back to lie down again. I was almost asleep when she came out of the bathroom. "Wake up sleepy head. You can't sleep all night." She said as she came into the bedroom. "Why not?" I ask as I sit up in bed. "Cause I said so." She said back. As she said that I got a good look at what she was wearing. She had on a pair of tight jeans and a black Sleeveless shirt that had the word {Dragon} on it in red. Her hair was in a high ponytail and it was dark red almost black, her eyes were black with a tint of red in them as well. "What?" She asked me. I must have been staring at her. "Nothing." I said as I turned away with a light blush. "yeah, ok whatever." She says as she goes to the kitchen. I get in the shower. 'Damon was right she is sexy. She has this mother type thing about her, she will make a great mother someday.' I get out of the shower and I look in the mirror. I have black hair and dark green eyes. I throw on my jeans and my black tee shirt. 'I need some new cloths.' I think as I walk downstairs to the kitchen. "Hey what's up?" I ask as I walk in and sit at the table. "nothing really. What do you want to do tonight?" She asks as she smiles at me. "How about we watch scary movies all night?" I Suggest as I drink my drink. "Sure that works for me." She replies as she finishes her drink. What do you want to watch?" I ask as I finish my drink. "Doesn't matter to me. It's up to you." She said as she cleaned her glass. "What do you have?" I asked as I cleaned my glass. "See for yourself." she said as she opened up a big cabinet. It was full of movies. "Wow, that's a lot of movies." I said as I started to look. She just smiles at me. I end up picking Jeepers Creepers one and two, Rose Red, and The Ring. "What about these?" I ask as I sit down next to her on the couch. "Those are fine by me." She said as she got up to put one in. "Wait I'll do it. Sit, you still need your rest. " I said as I got up and put in Jeepers Creepers one. "But, I feel fine." She said in protest. "No buts, you may feel fine but you still need your rest ok." I said as I sat back down on the couch as the movie started. "Oh, all right." She said as she sat back. I smiled as I watched her, luckily for me she didn't noticed. By the time the movie was over she was hiding behind my shoulder. "The movie is over now. Do you want to watch the second one or not it's up to you?" I asked as she looked up. "No, not really. That's the first time I've seen these." She said really scared. "Why didn't you say so. If I had know, I wouldn't have picked them. Next time tell me ok." I said as I wiped away the her tears. "Ok. Can we watch Rose Red. I like that one" She asked softly. "Of course we can." I said smiling and happy that she had stopped crying. "Oh thank you so much." She said as she jumped up and hugged me. "No problem. It is your house after all." I said as I got up and put in disk one of Rose Red. "It's not just my house now. It's yours as well as mine." She said smiling to me as I sat down. As she opened her eyes I saw something I never noticed before I mean I may have only been here for only four days, But in that amount of time I've gotten to know her quite well. "Are you sure about this?" I asked as the movie started. "Of course it's fine. It's not a problem Yoko and I were getting kind of lonely anyway." She said. "Ok, but I need to go shopping for some new cloths. Would it be ok if we go tomorrow night." I ask. "Of Course. I haven't been shopping in a while." She said as she leaned on my shoulder. After Rose Red was over we watched The Ring and went to bed. Yoko had occupied the spare room so we slept in her room I offered to sleep on the couch but she wouldn't let me.

The next morning we got up and took showers and went out to go shopping. By the time we got back we had spent over three hundered dallors. "Are you sure it's alright." I asked as we walked through the front door. "I'm sure now stop asking." She said as we set the bagges on the floor. "Ok. What do you want to do now?" I asked. Just then the door bell rang, I ran into the kitchen. She nodded and opened the door.

Normal P.O.V.

"Aiko, What's up and who's your friend?" Yumiko asked kind of concered. "Yumiko, he's a friend no he's not here to get Ryo. This is Keiji, Keiji this is Yumiko my best friend." Aiko said "Nice to meet you Keiji. Come on in. Ryo you can come out it's only Aiko." Yumiko called into the kitchen. "Oh ok then I thought it was the guards again." Ryo said as he came out. "Nope just Aiko and Keiji." Yumiko said with a smile. "So Aiko what brings you here?" Yumiko asked. "Nothing really just thought you two might want some company." Aiko said. "Keiji I thought you would still be at home. Never thought you would run?" Ryo asked. "What and you think I want to be forced to be married either. Something is wrong with you then." Keiji said as he shook his head. "What about Kiyoshi did he stay?" Ryo asked. "No, we all left at the same time. Have you seen him?" Keiji asked. "Nope." Ryo said. "Aiko why don't we go make something to eat and let them talk." Yumiko said. "Sure lets go." Aiko said as they headed to the kitchen.

Aiko's P.O.V.

"So you know you have to give me the details on how you meet him you know." Yumiko said as they enter the kitchen. "Well on my way home from your house the other day, when Yoko came to get me. I saw him walking along side the road and decided to stop and give him a ride. When he said he had no place to go I offered to let him stay with me. Then he told me about his friend Ryo and I kind of figured it was the same one and so here we are." I said. "Well it seems like you had a busy night then. I told Ryo he could stay. I kinda like him anyway. He's really sweet and really cute but thats just a perk." Yumiko said with a light blush. "Yeah I told Keiji the same thing really, not the second half but the first. Oh have you heard from Hitomi as of late?" I asked her. "No actually I haven't. I was getting kind of concerned about her." Yumiko said as she started on a blood substitute.

Keiji's P.O.V.

"Dude how did you end up here??" I asked him. "Well I don't remember alot of it. What I do remember is waking up here and having a really bad fever." Ryo replied. Just then a White Tiger ran toward us and started growling at me. "Ok that is the second tiger that has growled at me in the past two days. Whats the deal??" I asked. "It's cause they don't know you yet. Don't worry they'll get used to you." Ryo said as he bent to pet her. "Yoko it's ok he's a friend ok." He said to her. She nodded and stopped growling. "You been shopping??" I asked looking at the bags of clothing on the floor. "oh yeah. That reminds me. "Hey Yumiko I'm going to put up my cloths k." He called. "Ok dresser on the right k." she called from the kitchen. "Ok. Come on." He said as we both grabed some bags. "She seems really nice." I said as we enter her room. "Yeah she is." He said. "You both sleep in here??" I asked as we sat the bags on the floor. "Yes, only cause miss Yoko over their won't let either of us into the spare room." He said blushing. "You like her don't you??" I asked as he started putting his cloths away. "I...I...I actually...don't know. I think I might but I can't tell what it is." He stuttered. "Hey man it's nothing to be ashamed of. If you realy want to know I have a thing for her best friend. But your right the feeling is so different than just like. It's almost as if it's deeper than that we just can't tell right now." I said blushing.

Normal P.O.V.

"Guys foods ready." Yumiko yelled up the staires. "Ok, Almost done. Be down in a few k." Ryo called back. "Ok but you better hurry it's not very good cold." Yumiko called again. "Goodness how long can it take to put up cloths?" Aiko asks as Yumiko reenters the kitchen. "No Idea. But than agian their men takes them a while." Yumiko said giggling. "Yeah, I know." Aiko said also giggling. The Guys enter the kitchen only to find girls laughing like crazy. "Whats so funny? What did I miss?" Keiji asked with a blank look on his face. "Nothing really." Aiko said as she regained her composure. "Yours are on the counter." Yumiko said as she took a deep breath to stop laughing. "Well all my cloths are put up now what do we want to do.?" Ryo asked as he picked up his glass. "Oh I know I want to watch a romance movie. What about you?" Aiko asked as she finished her drink and cleaned her glass. "Yeah I havn't watch a good romance movie in a long time. What about you two??" Yumiko said as she cleaned her glass. They look at each other and back at the girls. "Sure, way not. Never really sat down to watch one. might be intersting." Keiji said as they finished their drinks and cleaned their glasses. "Are you serious? You've never seen a romance movie?" Aiko asked as they walked into the living room. "Yeah." Keiji replied. "Then I know just the one to watch. Hope we have time to finish it." Yumiko said as she looked at the clock which read 10:00 pm. "We should." Aiko replied putting disk one of the movie.