I sang my song for you once
Heartfelt and clear
Our voices even mingled at times
Words once woven together
So sweet it seemed

Then a shrill chorus interrupted
And my voice sang out a bitter note
Or two, or three it seemed
My words soured upon your ears
And my voice was lost

My song became a whisper
My heart timidly beat
Familiar lights which I had gathered,
Warmth held close and precious,
Began slipping through my hands
Until only stars remained
Tiny grains of light
So far away

Separated by

Oceans of cold emptiness

I gathered my voice slowly
Back into myself
And each breath I drew
Forged my new will

My voice no longer needs yours
It is my own again
Now, no longer dependent upon our harmony

Yours has since faded, grown out of tune
While my solitude has long since
Sharpened my notes and my tongue

Pressure inside my mind has dissipated
Fog cleared
Veils lifted

I see now that our harmony was my soul singing
Out of tune

2:59 am