I will burn my soul into your memory
I will cast myself
The tearing black fabric of the world
And into a distant, fading blue horizon

My life shall be scattered with tears
And shame
And sapphires
And dreams

Passion like a current of air
Lifts me up and crashes me down

But it still keeps me safe
Most of the time
High above the labyrinth of lies
Down below

Follow my trail of tears and hope
And I'll lead you to paradise
After all I'm following footsteps myself

I am not afraid of flashing out
My life is just a flint
Greater hands strike it
And sparks land where they will

Maybe one will find your heart someday

Perhaps my life will be sacrificed
Upon the altar of mankind
Like so many others

And yet...
I would rather hold half a star
Brilliantly shining, burning
In my hands
Than an entire night sky
Whose light had long since faded to black

In fact...
The whole world is fading to black all around us
Every second
Every day
Light is ticking away
Slipping through hands grown cold
Lost from sight by eyes choking on their own tears

But my heart
My light
My flames, burning or extinguished
Will always be here
Have always been here
For you

And until I leave this world
I will be here crying, living, dying
Scattering shame
Scattering sapphires
Scattering dreams

My tears