Valleys of shattered glass
An ocean of shards, of glittering lies
Millions of pieces of broken humanity
It all lies stretched before us
Waiting for us,
The travelers

We enter this world
As slaves to our journey
There is no escaping
Only a journey through the glass

In our deepest of hearts,
Out of the corners of our eyes,
We see the pathway with less of these shards
We hear the tinkling of life less fractured
And so many turn away
Because they want to find their own way
And it is annoying to hear such sounds

Mankind surges forward, running as fast as it can
At first our shoes protect us
But we still trip and fall
And the glass plunges into our bodies
It embeds itself in us
The pain is new and consumes us
We struggle to get the glass out
Cutting our hands,
Tearing our clothes

We get up again and journey forward again
Once more we run, slower this time
Our shoes begin to tear and shards poke through
We fall, we stumble, we pierce ourselves
More glass becomes lodged in our bodies
And some learn to leave the sharper shards alone
Taking them out hurts too much

Our shoes wear themselves to nothing
Our clothes are torn to rags
The newness of life fades from us
And we are left with the vast expanse before us
Some cannot stand the sight and cast themselves down
Impaling themselves on the closest shard they can find

Some chose to step only on certain glass shards
The shards that seem the most familiar to them
Their wounds always look the same
These wounds grow and grow
Until their entire body seems to be a single wound

Some keep on trying to take the glass out
Removing all the shards each time they fall
Trying to keep others from noticing the wounds
Hiding from the pain that grows and grows
Until the pain controls even their footsteps

Some roll around in the glass
Reveling in the pain until the wounds consume them
Glass shards pierce their entire form
Faces lost in blood and glass

Some try jumping through the glass
Protecting themselves from the pain of walking
But when they fall it is always incredibly painful
And the glass tears at all of them
For they never tried to learn how to walk

The pain slows us down
Everyone feels it and everyone sees it
We all must find a way to cope with it
We all must find our own way through the glass

There are those who collect the shards
Those who are looking for a part of you
They will take out the glass
But in doing so will be taking a part of you
They seek to hide their own pain
By owning a part of yours
They will plunge the glass back in
And leave you bleeding even worse than before
Beware the glass-seekers

Broken fragments of humanity
Cast about by our fellow man
The glass shards we journey through
Are fragments of human soul
Mistakes chipped off and left behind
A world fashioned of shattered spirits

And it is through this we must journey
If we are to find our way out of this world
And into a better one