Murderer's Ball

You want the everlasting glow
What you can't have, that is what you want
But maybe baby,
It ain't a lost cause
Because I've seen the rays
Seen them break through
Through to the other side
Of what is right
It's a murderer's ball,
Within the craver's head
Nothing but pungent embrace
Nothing but another
Against your swollen crimson lips
But you say you can't see
That everlasting glow any longer
You say you want to smell that sweet
Scent once more
But you can't see the everlasting glow
Within the murderer's ball
Where all the sinners wait to be forgiven
Where the shiny blood drips from their greedy eyes
Where they wait to be exonerated
But it's a murderer's ball, how can you be healed
In this murderer's ball?
All they crave is the everlasting glow
After all they craved was constant annihilation
As they would damage their body and soul
With chemicals that corroded their selves whole
And now they cry
Lonely, salty tears
Mixed with their shiny, wine coloured blood

In the murderer's ball