As she twirled her white, long, layered
Hippy-like skirt
She whispered into the sunlight,
That shone so bright
Upon her golden, sweet locks
"let me live, liberally
Oh, let me love,
Don't let me get hurt,
She whispered to her spirit
Bees, buzzing by
All of them wanting a taste of her sweet
Honey-like blood
Just a little taste
The many eyes upon her
Envious of her natural beauty
So ignorant of the many lives she lived
Her dark pasts
She runs through the sprinkling, gleaming
Water, sprayed by a hose
Smiling, that big wide grin with perfect
Blanc teeth
Worth a million bucks
Million bucks and more
She doesn't give a damn 'bout a thing anymore
But embracing a new changed,
Fresh, clean life
Living and loving as is
Done with the demolition,
Done with the hurt
Done with the damage
Done with the broken shards of glass
That crept into her bloodstream and then heart