Run for Your Money

A run for your money
That's what I'm gonna give ya
A run for your money
Once you've seen what change I've made
Hell yes,
A run for your motherfucking money
Not like I'm gonna tell you the secret to living life
Not like I'm gonna tear down your skin and bones
To make you feel like none other before
But yeah, I'll give you a run
With such creepy shrills of passion
To tell you my stories and adventures
The many souls I've seen
And touched
Got a run for your money?
Ain't gonna get it back yet
Not just yet
Haven't told you the part where I died
Died for a minute
And came back gasping
Didn't tell you about the blood
Didn't tell you about the massive tear stream
That would flood yourself whole
Ain't gonna give that money back
I think it should be kept for the next show