To be in Love?

A name I happened to mention
Caused a friend to question,

"What's it like to be in love?
Does your soul soar high above
The scattered stars that brightly light
The ocean of darkness that is the night?"

"To be in love?" I say, "I've never felt that way.
I've never had a kiss.
I imagine it like this:

Love becomes a guiding light
For your heart that is the night.
Sometimes it will pulse so strong
Or pulse weakly all day long.

Your heart jumps and stomach flops
And your head feels as if it pops
With thoughts running through your head
That linger still as you climb in bed."

"I think of him, but
Is that really love?"

"You may think of him that way,
But he must think of you," I say.
Without the love of him and you
The love that's felt will not be true.

April 20, 2005