Summary:Okay, so I don't really know what to write on this one. It came to me in a dream and I never quite finished it. Just read it and tell me if you think it's worth working on.

Explanation: XXXX days or day later. xxxx minutes or hours later.

Authors note: The vampires in this story is not like the vampires in 'Buffy' with the bumpy fourheads. They've all got magical powers and there is one big mystery behind them. And as I said, this story came to me in a dream. (most of my stories do that) Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. Either way REWIEW. PLEASE. I love it when you do and i work really hard to please the people who reads my stuff. Enjoy.

A Story Without Title


The Vampire looked at her, his face serious and his eyes as cold as the grave.

"Are you sure about this?"

She nodded, just as serious as him. Her eyes just as cold as his.

"All I want is to be with you. That is why I am willing to do this."

"So be it..." he whispered.

He pulled her up to him, mover her hair from her neck before letting his teeth sinking into her flesh.

She grinned only for a brief moment before realxing her body and holding her arms around his shoulders.

That's how it all began.

Not more than one year later, she was still living in the orphan with her younger sister. Even though she didn't participate in any of the daytime activities, she pretty much had a normal life.

If you could call her alive.


Someone was knocking on the door before it was opened.

"Jen? Are you awake?"

The door closed behind her and she jumped when she heard the sister's voice in the dark.

"Would I be asleep at such a beautiful night? The moon is full and the sky is glimmering with it's stars. It is incredibly tempting to fly out and find an innocent..." she didn't finish that train of thought.

Instead, she changed the subject.

"In any case...Did you want something, Meghan?"

She nodded. The anticipation in the room made her pull her cowl closer to herself. What was the sister waiting for inside when the night called for her and her kind?

"We're about to get..."

She went silent when she heard the sister chuckling quietly.

"I am aware of that, Meg. I've heard them sneaking about for a while now. Not the smartest group, are they?"

Meg took a step back. Her sister's slightly crazy smile that lit up the darkness scared her.

She sighed when she saw her reaction and turned back to the window, where she was sitting.

"My master do not need to help me tonight. I can take these by myself."

She was unbelivably beautiful. Seventeen years of age when she died. Her skin was tanned before she died and it looked good even though it had turned slightly paler. Her lips looked soft and had the color of rose peddles. Her eyes were black, like two deep wells.

Her hair was black and shifted like the wings of a crow. It reached her waist and she often had it braided.

She was wearing dark clothes. When it wasn't black, it was colors that resembled it.

The shirt started at her shoulders and created a charming low-cut. The sleeves were allways wide and reached to the floor. All her shirts were like that. The children loved it when she danced because it looked so beautiful with the sleeves dancing along with her long hair.

Her body was very attracktive. Muscular but not like a photo-model. Normal. And yet, not normal. Enough so that you would be facinated by the beauty of her body.

Meghan was nothing like her sister. There were some resemblences, but nothing that revealed thay were sisters.

Her eyes were the darkest blue. They could turn allmost white-blue when she got angry or excited. her hair was dark, allmost black. It allways pointed in different directions. It looked boyish and everybody was facinated of it because of the strays of silver that had allways been there.

Her body was also boyish. She was a size small. Her breasts were allmost invisible under her clothes.

She looked like a very beautiful young boy. And she acted as one, from time to time.

She allways wore dark colors. And on top of it all, she usually had on a magnificent cowl.

It all made her look magical.

A lot of people were impressed by this. And if they weren't, the things she could do with only her will-power would.

"Jen...Mrs Collins want's you to go right away. She dosen't want them to get inside."

Her sister sighed and nodded.

"Wery well. I guess it will be refreshing." she said before jumping on top of the window frame.

This is what they call our home? An orphanege? Bah! I resembles a monastery, if you ask me. A big castle. And what is the point of having a bid, rectangular moat inside the castle, on the yard?

With the motions of a cat, she jumped from the tower which was her room to the roof under it.

She looked at the moat.

You could walk around it if you felt like it. That was pretty much all the space you could use.It was about two feet between the wall and the water. Which was dark at night, dark in daytime.

But allways clear when you got in.

She could hear their movements. Every step they took. She could hear them split up.

"Stupid creatures." she mumbled before juping to the ground outside the orphanage.

She landed with a quiet 'thump'.

Dammit! I bet they heard that.

But no, they were still moving.

Suddenly, her nostrails widened and she sniffed in the air. Something else was out tonight. She could smell it.

She could hear it.

Do-don. Do-don. Do-don. she heard.

Heartbeats? Humans were walking around at night?

She sniffed in the air again and her eyes got cold when she recognised the smell.

With determined steps, she walked into the darkness and returned with three struggling girls.

"Do you three by any chance have any idea of what is lurking around in this area at night?" she asked, calmly.

Even though her voice had the gentle touch of a mother speaking to her small children, she scared the breathing life out of the girls.

Jen pulled them closer.

"The likes of me. And I don't think they are willing to just live here peacefully with you. They will take everything you have before they twist your worthless little necks off."

She was still calm. And she smiled at them.

They panicked.

"Please, Jen...Don't kill us...We'll never do it again, we promise..."

She smirked.

"Sleep with one eye open, children. I might just get peckish in the middle of the night."

"Jen!" a soft voice called to her.

"Meg. Come to save their worthless skinn?"

Her sister showed up, all mighty-looking in her cowl.

"Come with me, girls. And trust me, you will get your punishment. And I'll make you wish you'd stayed with my sister."

Ashamed of themselves, they follower the thirteen-year-old.

Jen shook her head. Now that, the vampires had definitly heard.

Her guess had been right. A few moments later, she was surrounded by twentie vampires.

"Tonight, I'll have some fun." she smiled.

Everytime she fought, the memories came back to her. From her time as a human. Before she got here.

Now was not an exception.

"Daddy, why is mommy fat?"

A man chuckled and a whoman hissed at him.

"I am not fat, honey. I have a baby in my belly."

"You'll get a sister soon, sweetie."


"Yes, honey."

"Will she be adopted, too?"

The two grown-ups chuckled.

"No, sweetie. This one is ours."

She turned and ducked as a vampire came flying towards her.

They were all sitting in the car.

Jen was four and Meg still a baby in her carseat.

"She's so pretty, daddy. Will she be my sister?"

The man in the driver seat had his face hidden in darkness. He laughed.

"Of course she's your sister. Family is more important than blood, baby. And she's pretty only because you're with her making sure she's safe from harm."

The woman next to him had her face also hidden in the dark. She also laughed.

"You are both equally pretty, sweetheart."

She could never remember their faces.

She finished off vampire after vampire with more violence that may had been necessary.

How stupid to think of that now. It had all happened so long ago.

What did it matter now?

She jumped up and down in her seat before hugging her dad from behind.

"Are we going to the beach now, daddy?"

"Of course we are, honey."

Suddenly, the car started wobbling from one side to the other. The man in the drivers seat started mixturing with the wheel and the buttons.

The woman got worried.

"What's the matter?"

"I dunno. Someone must have done something to the car."

"You think it's?.."

"I don't know."

Jen didn't let go of her daddys shoulders.

"Who did what, daddy?"

"Darling, let daddy drive the car now." the woman said, sounding as if panic was filling her.

Jen didn't give up.

"Who did what to our car, daddy?"

"Sweetheart, leave daddy alone now." the woman's voice was harsh.

The car started shaking and speeded up.

"Daddy, what's happening?!" Jen screamed.

Baby Meghan cried and they all screamed as the car crashed into the railing and out over the cliff.

She was getting careless.

If I don't stop thinking about that, I'll lose this fight.

Jen did everything to force that strong feeling back.

That feelingthat warned her about tears.

Exhausted, she dragged herself up on the beach with baby Meghan in her arms.

The baby was crying and it broke her heart that she couldn't do anything to make it stop. They were both cold and wet to their bones.

Jen looked out over the sea. The sun was setting and tears were running down her cheeks as she sat down in the sand with her sister close to her.

"Don't cry, Meghan...Please..."

Sobbing, she found some dry towels that someone had left behind. She took Meghans wet clothes off and put the towels on her.

She kissed the babie's fourhead.

"It's going to be alright, meghan...I promise we will never cry again..."

Sighing, she looked at the horison. Somewhere out there were their parents.

And they would never meet again.

Never again going to beach or laughing. Never again pizza and ice-cream all over daddy's hair. Never again. never again.

"Never again, Meghan..." she whispered.

And the baby looked into her eyes.

As if she understood.

Her tears were dangerously close now.

Stupid tears. She couldn't concentrate.

"Need a hand?" a dark, yet soft voice asked her.

The remaining vampires quickly dissappeared and she let herself sink into the arms of her master.

She was a free vampire and yet she considered him her master.

"Was it your memories again? Why do they upset you so much?"

"I...It's nothing..."

"How can I be sure of that if you refuse to tell me about them?"

She shook her head and he pulled her up against him, kissing her.

Before she knew it, they were in her room.

She pulled him down with her into the bed.

They were both dead, the blood did not move in their veins. Despite that, his touch felt warm.

Like flames from a fire.

With passionated moves, he let his hands caress her body.

"You're so enchantingly beautiful. Deadly beautiful." he whispered and smiled at the private joke of his.

He let his lips melt together with hers and she opened his dark shirt and started unbuckling his belt.

That's when he stopped. He got up and put the sheet over her.

He pulled his long jacket closer to himself when she suddenly tooh a hold of it.

"Master...Stay here tonight..."

"I can't..."


He interrupted her.

"Call me by name and I'll stay!" his voice was sharp.

Gloomy, she shook her head. He was her master and she didn't feel like she was worthy to call him by name.

He turned away from her and started walking towards the window.

"I cannot complete anything with you untill you call me by name."

Suddenly, he stopped.

"There's a new vampire in town. He's one of the great ones and has sired some powerful vamps around the world. He'll probably come after os, since we're two of the greatest."

She would have blushed if her blood had still been flowing in her body.

"You call me one of the greatest?"

He sighed.

"Trust me, Jennifer. Once you discover your powers, you'll be even greater than me."

And he was gone.

With a tired gesture, she made the window hatches close.

And the room was covered in darkness.


Meghan sneaked into the room with a candle in her hand.

"Jen. I must speak to you."

She was sitting in the corner of her bed. All dark and broody.

"What is it, Meghan?"

"I have some information about the new vampire. i thought maybe we could discuss it over dinner. Come with me, please."

She waited while the older one pulled her coat off and followed her.


"Two of his best lakeys are wimen. Vampired, of course. Twins. Beautiful and very dangerous."

Suddenly, Jen stopped in the corridoor. She looked at one of the great mirrors on the wall.


She sighed, sadness shining through. All she could see in the mirror was Meg's reflection.

"You miss it, don't you?"


She quickly turned to Meg. She swallowed her words and looked away.

"Am I beautiful, Meg? My face...My body..."

Meg took a hold of her chin and looked into her eyes.

"You are the fairest of all, Jennifer. You would think that i would be at least a little jealous of you, but I'm not. If anything, I am proud to have such a beautiful sister. Do you want to know what i see when I look at you? A beautiful woman whose eyes carries the time itself. Eyes you could drown in if you stare into them for too long. A woman who gave everything for the people she cares about. You are beautiful, Jen. And I am willing to give everything I have for you."

Jen looked into her eyes, looking as if her words surprised her and yet not.

"Meghan, I..." she started.

Her eyes was glowing when she floated upwards so that she came in the same height as her.

Slowly, she put her hands over her cheeks and her lips got closer to hers.


She closed her eyes.

Suddenly, they were interrupted.

"Jen. Meg. Where are you?"

Meghan sighed before she landed on the floor again.

She let her hand slide from her sister's cheek to her left hand and held on to it.

"We're over here, Mrs Collins." she called.

Lowering her voice, she spoke to her sister.

"Jen...I will make sure that you get what you deserve...If not from me, from him...If he can't give it to you...then I shall find you someone...My beloved big sister..." she stood on her toes and kissed her on the cheek.

Mrs Collins showed up around the corner.

She was a middle aged woman with gray hair that was pulled back in a knot at the back of her head.

"What is taking so long, girls?" she asked.

Even her voice was stuffy.

"We're coming now, Mrs Collins." Meg promised.

They followed the old woman and Jen returned to the subject.

"Do you have any images?"

"Yes, I do. Look. These are the wimen...Another witch sent them the images to me."

She held up her right hand and a ball of light appeared above it. Jen looked into it and the image of two wimen looked back at her.

They were identical. Exept that one was a head shorter tnan the other and they had different eye colors.

They were both very pale and very beautiful. They had long, black hair. The short one had green eyes and lilac on the taller one. Both had matching tops and leather pants.

"I agree with you, Meg. They're both very graceful looking."

"Sheila and Deila. Apparently they have something of a...different sibling love..."

Sort of like you and me. Jen thought.

"And the guy? The new vampire?"

Meghan smirked and tilted her head.

"I hate to admit this, but it's allmost a shame that you may have to kill this guy."

A new image appeared in the ball.

Jen froze. If it wasn't for her allways remaining her calm, her chin would have dropped to the ground and she would have stared openly at the image.

Instead, she calmly looked at it with little interest in her eyes.

The image showed a man. A vampire.

Of course it did, it was what was expected, wasn't it?

Although, this was different.

He was the hottest vampire she had ever seen. Equal to her master.

His hair was a dark shade of gold. It pointed in every direction and suited him very well.

His eyes were light blue and seemed to be looking straight at her. The image showed him without a shirt and he was incredibly tanned for someone who hadn't been alive for centuries. Incredibly tanned for any vampire, actually.

And he was hot enough to die for. Litterally speaking.

"You're right, Meg...He's..." she got quiet.

They had arrived at the doors to the great hall. The dining hall.

"Don't you sometimes get the feeling the we're living in a magic-school."

They sat in front of eachother.


Jen looked down on her bowl. She sniffed the air and smirked at Meghan. Then, she picked up the spoon, put it into the red soup before slowly making its way to her lips.

As it was about to touch her lips, she grinned and dropped it into the soup again.

"Little meg. Did you really think I wouldn't notice?"

Those who sat by their table, tried hard not to listen.

"But you have to drink human blood or you will never find your true powers."

She stood up. "I'm learning. You don't have to get me human blood. Ceartenly when the humans in question is sitting a few tables from us."

The three girls from the other night blushed and moved as discreetly as possible from their table.

Meg also stood up.

"Without it you will never be strong enough."

"As I have allready said, sister. I'm learning."

Jen's calm tone annoyed Meg incredibly.

"He asked me to do it, you know. He want'syou to get strong, as well."


"So that you won't mess up the way you did last night!"

Her eyes looked coldly at her sister.

Then, she turned around and left the hall.

"Jennifer!" Meg called after her.

With an angry gesture over her shoulder, Jen made the doors slam shut.

Meg sat down, more gloomy than ever.

She could use your support right now...You know it...And you also know that despite her cold eyes, she is burning with longing...Dear, dear sister...


She was sitting on the floor, her back against the wall in her dark room.

She had the ball of light in front of her and the image of the new vampire looked back at her.

She couldn't take her eyes off him. He was so beautiful.

"How incredibly delicious...Maybe I could..." she shook her head and kept on staring at him.

One could wonder what he was doing right now.

And with who he did it with.


"Master! Master, wake up!"

Sighing, he sat up. He let his hand work it's way through his golden hair and his blue eyes looked at the woman.

"What is it, Sheila?" he yawned.

Her green eyes looked back and she smirked.

"We caught the witch."

Nonchalantly, he wawed his hand and a shirt came flying to him. He put it on before getting up.

"Then let's go take a look at her, shall we?"

She bowed.

"Of course, Master. Come with me."


After a few minutes, they both entered a room.

Sheila's sister stood there.

"Deila." he greeted her.

On a chair in front of her, sat a girl. Not more than fifteen years of age.

Her hair was white and her eyes just as white.

"She's blind?"

The girl smirked.

"I must say it's a shame that they are going to kill someone as handsome as yourself."

He smiled and crossed his hands over his shoulders.

"Oh, so you can see. How nice. Well, then...Show me my new enemies." he ordered.

"As you wish." she held her left hand up and a ball of light showed up in front of him.

The image was of a man.

His hair was long and black, his skin pale and his eyes red. He was completely dressed in black.

"What a hottie. I'll take this one." Deila said.

The next image made them all insecure. Was that a cute girl or a pretty boy?

In any case, this person looked like a mage.

"I'll take this one. He's really cute." Seila commented.

The last image appeared.

His eyes widened.. What ea beautiful woman! No, she was a vampire. You could tell by her catlike eyes and her pale skin.

"How beautiful..." he mumbled.


He pulled himself together and looked at the witch in the chair as the image dissappeared.

"What is the name of that girl?"

"Jennifer. The witch is her younger sister, Meghan."

"So it is a girl." Sheila said.

"SIsters?" Deila exclaimed, loving the situation.

"The sister. Jennifer. I want her. She is the fairest woman I've ever seen in my many years on this earth."

The twind looked at eachother and shook their heads.


The moon was full.

Jennifer was, as usual sitting by the window. She had on a red latex top, black latex pants and red boots with high heels.

She sighed. Nothing had happened in over three weeks.

It was as if the monsters were avoiding her.

The thought didn't make her too happy. No refreshing fight now and then made her mood go down. In a bad way. She got frustrated and sensitive.

Someone was knocking on the door.

"Are you coming, or what?" someone called.

"Yeah, I'll be right there."

This was a fulltime job. When any of the kids wanted to go out during night time, she had to go with them. If she didn't, they would be food. And now, some of the girls wanted to go to this new disco house downtown.

And she had to wear these ridiculous clothes.

Although, she did look good. Blood-red suited her.

But the heeled boots were too much. So she changed into a pair of black, heeled shoes with strings up to her knees. It looked more classy this way.

She took her coat and went downstairs.

Philippe and Jake stood on the edge of one of the big rocks which a armour of a knight was placed at a statue.

Thetwo were about 14 years old and highly annoying.

Philippe held on to the leg of the knight as he hung over the edge.

He tried to smack her in the face as she passed.

She grabbed his hand and pulled before letting go.

With a shreik, he fell to the floor.

With her exelent hearing she could hear bones cracking. The sound made her smirk and allmost burst into laughter.

Oh, how good it felt to hurt people. They were so weak.

But it was wrong. It was against her principals.

But Philippe had it coming. A vampire wasn't something you could tease and play with however you liked. Her conscience agreed with her.

"There now, girls. Let's get going, shall we?"

Before they could walk out the door, Philippe was in front of them, blocking their way.

"I thought you broke your legs." Jen commented, calmly.

He gave her a cocky glare. His whole being drooped with sarcasm and contempt.

Jen had allways disliked him. He was so hopeles, mean and...No, there wasn't a word to describe what he was.

When he got yelled at, he just smiled as if he'd won something. When he got beat up by people he had irritated, he just laughed.

And he was blonde! A bad excuse for a human.

And none of the teacher did anything. They just yelled and talked. But nothing helped. He wasn't even afraid of her.

She knew what was wrong with him.

He was the kind of human that had no sympathy for others. No sence of shame, sadness or pain.

The dangerous kind of human.

"You better get out of our way, Philippe. We're going out." one of the girls said.

"I'm going with you." he said and you could see the satisfaction in his face when the girls looked dissappointed.

"No, you're not." Jean said, calmly.

Even though she was calm, she started getting annoyed.

He didn't move, just stood there with that discusting satisfaction in his face.

It all happened very quickly. Jen mover forward, grabbed his neck and slammed him into the floor.

She let her nails dig into his throat untill blood started coming out.

Her eyes turned blue, allmost white and her pupils were those of a cat's. Her teeth got sharper and she growled from the pit of her stomach.

"I'll kill you, Philippe...Both you and I know it. And trust me...I will enjoy the moment once it comes." she hissed.

When she let him go, he had that grin on his face again. She hated it.

He had gotten her angry. Oh, how fun.

But he didn't come with them.


The girls followed behind her, a little scared and they did their best to keep up with her speed.

Nobody could crack her calm face. Nobody could remove her cool smile and cold eyes.

Only Philippe had succeded once in a while.

Everybody wondered what kept her from taking him with her to her room or into the forrest and finishing him off her way. Ripping him apart and watching the blood running down her hands. They all knew she wanted to.

And they all wanted her to.

Jennifer shook her headf roughly, trying hard to make her eyes turn back to normal. Forcing the demon to go back inside.

"You might as well forget about it, girls. i will never kill a human. Not even Philippe." she said over her shoulder.

human blood or no human blood, she still had some powers.

At last, they came to the disco house and the girls went inside after Jen telling them where she would be if trouble ocurred.

She walked over to the café across the street and took a seat inside.

By the table next to her, sat a woman with her baby. The woman was writing and the baby looked at jen, curious.

She smiled and wawed at it.

In return, she got a big smile from the little child. A smile that only had three teeths.

Jennifer played 'pikaboo' with her and she laughed in a way that only babies can laugh.

Suddenly, Jen noticed that the woman had been watching them and she bit her lip, ashamed.


A few minutes after, they both sat by the same table talking.

"She's so cute." Jen commented as she watched the baby playing with its own hands.

"When she wants to be." the woman smiled.

She gave up a longing sigh and took a sip of the soda she'd ordered.

"Children are little miracles. Living proof that life has a meaning and goes on."

The woman, who had introduced herself as 'Ann' laughed.

"Maybe you're right, Hey, you wanna hold her?"

She wasn't given a chance to answer as the little drooling creature was placed in her arms.

A littel insecure, she started cuddling with her.

If anyone from the orphanage had seen her now, they would never belive it was her.

Never in her undead life had she ever smiled so warm andhappily at another creature.

"Hi, littel one."

"Your friends are at the disco across the street, arent they?"

"The ones I came here with are across the street, yes."

Ann watched the two for a moment. The child and the girl seemed to have fallen in love with eachother. Just like she had with the kitten when she was younger.

"You want your own kids, don't you.."

Jen looked at her for a while before nodding. She looked sad.

"I would love to have kids...But unfortunatley, I am not capable to do so..."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know that..."

She was interrupted.

"I'm not sterile. Once, I may have been able to have children. My whole body gave me signs that I could. But i was stupid...I didn't think of the future...I didn't understand back then."

She let the baby rest against her shoulder and cradled her gently.

"it's been a year since then...And yet, I feel like I've been here for centuries. Sure, my muscles are still functional. My heart, tounge, nose and my eyes. But everything else is dead."

She shook her head. Still looking sad as she put the sleeping baby into the perambulator.

She gently put the blanket over it before sitting back.

"A dead human cannot have children. The body and it's organs have died and can no longer produce what is needed for a child to be made. Do you understand what I am telling you right now, Ann? Now i am giving you a chance to take your baby and leave..."

She looked into her soda.

She was surprised when Ann put her hands on top of her own.

"I know. It's a shame sometimes that vampires can't have children if they wish."

Jennifer looked up at her, slightlty surprised.

"I'm sorry, do you prefer Nosferatu?"

"Whatever's good...But, how?.."

Ann smiled at her and sat back up.She gestured with her hand. A gesture that said. 'Peice of cace, babe'.

It was then and there thatJen found herself a friend for life. She could see it in Ann's blue eyes.

"Are you not afraid of me?"

"Why would I be afraid of you?"

She growlen and smirked.

"Ouch. Thanks for that one."

Ann laughed.

"no, no. I'm just saying that i senced that you would never hurt me. That's all."

Jen laughed.

"You know what, Ann? You were right."

"Thank powers for that."

They both laughed.



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