I've awoken to a realization
With tacks in my feet and perspiration
Lingering on my forehead from that nightmare
I asked myself wildly why I had even bothered to care
Care for such an arrogant and crafty man, well now I stand
Stand alone and bewildered in the very middle of the longest night
And who is there to comfort me and assure me that once again all's right?
No one, no man nor woman nor disembodied soul watches over my corpse now
For there is no longer a who, a where, a when, a what, a hallelujah, a sonnet, a how
There is nothing there to comfort, to cradle, to kiss and to tangle my ever-tormented soul
What had I expected, after all I'd learned, I'd comprehended and all that shit I thought to know
Well here is the end note, the scapegoat, the ideal that we all swallow just so we can hold on—let go
There's nothing left after the papers are signed, once both sides have finally resigned, nothing
So when you wake up and everything you thought was just so okay is just gone from sight
And you know there'll be no one about to tell you, assure you you're fine, you're alright
That's when you should begin to feel like a human being, a person, a real thing
Because there's nothing more real than when you take that dive, that pill
There's nothing closer to reality than a let down, a turn around, a thrill
It's suicide, homicide, pesticide, genocide, it's not alright, you'll cry
Cry all damn night and it won't help it won't cure your sight
Nothing can make it all alright again, never again
And just when you thought you'd lost it all
There goes another friend, depend
Depend on nothing and then
Hold only your own hand