It's funny how innocent it feels

To put words to page again

Like a strikingly cool breeze

Flowing through your hands

And legs and hair

While you stand in the middle of

A flat road infinitely growing into

Nowhere surrounded by shadows

Really treeless hills that almost

Touch the stars but can't quite reach

Empty palms stretching upwards

A shallow praise song to the heavens

As the cloudless sky rains

Shooting stars on ungrateful heads

Seeking solitude from humanity

Legs crossed and hearts open

To anything but compromise

Let's tear up our souls and become

Nothingness like the wind

Grabbing at your skin with a

Harsh bitter balance of playfulness

Joyful noises sound from your

Giggling lips drenched in those

Midnight kisses of arguments with

Those ever-silent stars speaking

Unknown philosophies and condemnations

On the bittersweet human lives

So ultimately unimportant

As orbs of flame float beyond our world

Larger than life

Never knowing our soulful struggles

Petty lives of almost intrigue

Galaxies of what might be are out

There but we still don't know

But we somehow live our lives like we

Can't remember our creator and how

Utterly insignificant our thoughtless

Adversities we put energies into

Really are when our own bodies can't stretch

Across the universe we claim to own

So self-consumed are we

…and suddenly I feel so small