Thin Lines Between Human Observation and Stalking

Chapter One: Initial Observation

03072007 – 1107A

There are those who would argue that the first sentence of a passage is the most important. If one were to accept this as true, this story would almost certainly be lost. Perhaps a more effective method would have been an introduction of key characters.

In that case, allow me to introduce Gavin James, journalist extraordinaire. Five years at publishing powerhouse Elliotte Press and he thinks he's a hot commodity. Shall we assume, then, that it is a mere coincidence that the founder and president of EP is none other than Geoffy Elliotte, Mr. James' older half-brother? Well, certainly we shall humour him, as it is what he wants us to believe.

Moving speedily along to our heroine, Lucille Fipher, starving artist extraordinaire, recently unemployed. A charming young lady, certainly, but a few needles short of a haystack, if you catch my drift. As of yet, she has no idea that she is in fact a main focal point of this story. Yes, my excessive study of her daily habits are so far lost to her although I think that, to her credit, she at times suspects that there may be something to the seeming coincidence of her daily sighting. But, as she typically writes me off almost instantly as a kindly middle-age man absorbed in the often trivial routines of daily life (taking a course of vitamins in the morning as I sit near her in a café or buttering my bread at suppertime, for example), I see fit to likewise write her off as a merely passable example of intellect, and a minimal threat to my observations of the human character.

And what kind of hero is without a trusty sidekick? Or a heroine for that matter? Following this widely accepted rule, in steps Gabriel New and Gabrielle Underwood. Stunningly coincidental first names, no? It should be duly noted, of course, that Gabriel is right-hand man to Gavin, and Gabrielle is the comrade of Lucille.

It must also be understood that none of these subjects are exceedingly close to each other. Rather, they are yet to meet. Lucille has certainly never met Gavin, providing she could have wrenched her head from the clouds long enough to notice if she had been presented with the opportunity. Likewise, Gabrielle and Gabriel have yet to cross paths. It is possible that Lucille may have passed Gabriel on the streets, might have taken a moment to admire his style of dress or studied him over her most recent novel as she, like myself, lounged in an uptown café in the early hours of the morning.

It could be argued as well that Gavin may have at one time brushed arms with Gabrielle in the afternoon bustle of a city sidewalk, or waited impatiently near her in line at the DMV. Perhaps he even sat by her on the train, unnoticing as he immersed himself in his daily paper, and she her morning bagel.

It is widely accepted, however, that these people have yet to be even informally introduced, and so I wait and observe, eager to witness how long these four can live in the relatively close proximity of this area before meeting, especially when fate (and by fate I mean a slightly pudgy, middle-aged man with a pension for studying people) seems so eager to see their paths cross.


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