You broke my lungs

More than took my breath away

Took my tea drenched lips

And crammed unlovely blockades

Down into my pulsing throat

Slowly worked your beautiful hands

Into my rushing heart flowing with

Red vibrations nearly driving

My own body into self-destruction

Wrapped your hand around mine

Holding a pen filled with poetry words

Dangling from my tongue like the

All too natural dose of high you gave me

Rushed into my flesh like a

Rhythm I almost remembered as my

Feet touched the not so solid ground I

Didn't remember feeling like that before

And now I can't seem to recall

The sensation of being all right

Since I'm so shattered and shards me

Have flown into your hair, your eyes

Your scent

Diving into the unknown of what might

Not be but there is always the possibility


Wishing and dreaming blue eyed loveliness

Laughing into star filled piano nights

Drinking in sad landscapes with no ocean

Almost wanting to be loved

But iloveyous come so cheep these days