"What a Wonderful World"

By: diminutive X

Disclaimer: I don't own Captain Planet. Captain Planet… He's a hero!


The first thing I saw when I opened the door was two dozen roses bunched together using a frilly pink bow. The second thing was his chin nestled on top of the blossoms and that dopey expectant grin decorating his face.

Without a word, I shoved the roses to his stomach, and with a slight grunt, I pushed his body off the door frame, unto the open air hallway, amid the giggles of my co-student editors inside the office.

I stepped out and slammed the door shut.

"So…," he began hopefully, his eyelashes batting coyly at my face. Upon seeing the curling fists landing at my hip, his face sank into a frown. "Whaaat?" he asked a little helplessly.

I answered him with a quick poke on his chest.

"Ne-vah!" I hissed. "Neeever do that again, you hear me!?"

"Do what?"

"Don't give me cut flowers!" I snapped.

He gaped at me as if I had grown two webbed feet.

Wanting to slap that look of his face, I instead opted for the lecture.

"For your information, all cut flowers are grown in wide monocropped lands, destroying biodiversity, leading to biocide which is the reason why the indigenous people's land and their culture are being destroyed along with it!" I glared at him and glanced disdainfully at the roses.


He blinked.

Then he leaned back on the balcony with a defeated sigh, scratching his head. "You're so silly."

I pursed my lips and poked the roses (and his stomach!) with the tip of my shoes. "Die."

He let out a bemused chuckle and grabbed my raised leg, cradling it between his fingers. He fingered one of the white frayed laces, his eyes dreamy in recollection. "Last year, I gave you chocolates and you ordered me to give it to the street children, because chocolate gets stuck in the braces in your teeth…"

"Well they're a bitch to remove!" I cried out, defensively, attempting to kick his sensitive parts. He barely escaped, eyes really wide.

"…After that, you made me return that teddy bear back to the gift shop because you said all stuff toys gave you the, quote, unquote 'animals-trapped-in-captivity-vibe!"

"-well they make me want to throw up!" I whined. I pouted at him. "Do you want to waste money just to have me vomit at you?!"

"Well, what can I do?" he laughed. "I am courting you," he pointed out.

I looked away stubbornly and gazed towards the university's soccer fields in the distance.

With a lopsided grin, he perched the roses on the balcony and stared out as well.

After some moments, I sighed in defeat.

"Just give me a plant."

He started, looking at me in surprise. "Wha-?"

My back to the door of the office, I sank to the newly-waxed floor. "I said give me a plant," I repeated wearily.

Though he looked excited, he still seemed confused. "Like in a pot…a potted plant?"

I nodded.

"Like in a garden?" he prodded some more

I nodded again.

His smile faltered, then. "I…don't have a garden."

That's when I got an idea.

"…can't I just buy it in the mall, like in Purifica-"

I cut him off with my hand slamming hard on the floor. "No! It has to be in a garden," I cried out, my eyes widening in excitement. "Your garden!"

He tsk-ed me, scolding, "You silly girl, I told you already… I don't have a—"

"—Then make one!" I shouted, jumping to my feet.

"Are you crazy?!" He gaped at me, eyes wide. "I live in a two room apartment inside a squatters settlement!"

I crossed my arms in my chest. "Well, at least grow one for me…," I insisted stubbornly, haughtily looking away.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw him gaze forlornly at me for a minute.

Yes. A minute.

I sneaked in a look at my Captain-Planet Watch.

Then after that minute he expelled a huge amount of air.

"All right…," he muttered in resignation.

With a squeal, I threw my arms around his neck, and crowed happily.

Aieee! Another soul I have led to the wonders of nature conservation!

I knew he was grinning…or smirking. But because I was too happy, I didn't smack that expression of his face. I even let him encircle his arms around me, and squeeze me tight.

I drew back moments later, and made my way back to the staffroom door, taking the two dozen roses with me.

Midway the door frame, he made a startled sound.

I looked back at him, in inquiry. And he pointed towards the bouquet.

"I thought you hated my roses."

I lifted my chin up haughtily. "For your information, cut roses can still be planted and be made to grow. I happen to have a garden in my house. And I plan to add the roses to its growing biodiversity!"

He chuckled, his eyes twinkling fondly. "You're so silly."


With that, I slammed the door in his face.


It didn't really come off as a surprise that the first thing I saw was roses.

A clay pot with a tree filled with roses.

"How original…" I said slowly…sarcastically. At first, he merely lifted an eyebrow. Then the next thing he did was shove me off to the white chairs he had installed in the middle of the new garden he gave me. Then he sat on the one beside it, while I nursed my aching ass.

"Ow! That hurt… you…" I tried to kick him.

He merely grabbed my leg and laid it on his lap, afterwards luxuriously stretching his arms over his head.

I, meanwhile, strayed my gaze towards the plot of land, I'd soon be entitled to infest… I mean plant with. I rubbed my hands gleefully.

Cactus… Money tree… Acacia…

"…Can't wait?" he slyly observed with a lopsided grin, while playfully rubbing the underside of my knee.

I nearly slammed my toes against his chin. "You want to die!?" I hissed. "For your information, that's extremely sensitive, you stupid perv!"

He laughed.

"Well what can I do?" he asked me cheekily. "I am marrying you."

I used my other feet to kick his groin.


To Anthony—the only guy who gave me flowers, which I "accidentally" crushed. Mwuah!