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Before I begin, I want to warn you that you may not like me… And I'm cool with that—it happens all the time.

People see me and immediately jump to the conclusion that I'm this blonde bombshell who doesn't have a care in the world.

And they're right.

I am what you would call a "walking stereotype". I'm blonde, beautiful, rich, with excellent grades, a body to die for, and the entire population of San Fernando High School at my beck and call.

And yes, I am a cheerleader. Head cheerleader.

My close friends are the hottest girls on the planet. And my closest friend is the starting quarterback on the varsity football team.

My life is perfect.

Have I pissed you off yet?

I am, in all definitions of the word, a mean girl. And I freaking love it. I learned at an early age that being mean gets you way further than being the 'nice chick' that gets pushed over every day of her life. Besides, at San Fernando, being nice is way too hard to do.

You see, at my perfectly segregated school, there were distinct cliques. And as cliché as it sounds, you had to get in where you fit in, no exceptions. There were the goths, nerds, band geeks/theater nuts, the pot-head skaters, bullies, wannabes, and us, otherwise known as 'The Elite Squad'…

Theoretically, everyone followed the rules of social hierarchy. Everyone found their place and stayed in it…

Well, not everyone.

Unfortunately, there is always a band of misfits that terrorizes the school with their obstinate desire to be so... different. They steer clear of school functions; they don horrible anti-fashionable clothes, and find it their utmost duty to despise the 'popular' crowd.

The leaders of the San Fernando B.O.M. (band of misfits), I would undoubtedly say are Paula Kirkland and Darren Berges.

Paula Kirkland and I have loathed each other since the 8th grade… And Darren Berges was there to back her up in hating me.

But see, unlike many others before us, who have created pre-misconceptions about each other and therefore hated each other's guts… Little Paula and I actually had a reason to abhor each other.

"And that reason is?" You ask…

Long story.

But, to make a long story short: ever since 8th grade, lil ole Paula and I have been at each other's throats.

And High school most definitely didn't even things out. I became 'San Fernando Barbie'; the chick every girl wanted to be and every guy wanted to be with. And she became the 'ice queen' that no one, (except Darren) wanted to deal with.

That good thing was, we barely ever saw each other… and when we did, a few vicious comments were made, but afterwards, I'd go back to my life… And Paula and Darren would go back to theirs…

That is, until my life, and their lives decided to co-exist, therefore ruining what ever joy I had.

Maybe I should explain…

It all started with a bet.

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