Dangerous Rhythm

Count 'em with your fingers
A beat you'll never forget
A beat that'll leave you panting
Yeah, one you'll never forget
And the stars,
As they shine brightly
Like studded diamonds
In the shadowed, night sky
And the beat, it's entering your eardrums
Now it's flowing in your blood
Now it's the beat, it's beating in your heart
What to do
What can you do
When you're under the hypnotic spell
Of a beautiful, dangerous rhythm
Beating in your heart
It's a like a citrus taste with a vanilla blend
That's the kinda taste you get with this
Beautiful, dangerous rhythm
Within this hollow place
Oh, but what a sweet embrace
As this mysterious concoction
Enters our breathing tunnels,
Our lifeline liquids,
Creeping on like an airborne disease
All within this hollow place
Creeping on, creeping
From the
Just a noxious little melody
Within this lovely, dangerous