The Last Place on Earth


The Last Place on Earth

Author's Note

Well, I can say that this one didn't quite go where I wanted it to. I thought that I would be able to make it more profound or exciting. It happens to all of us sometimes.

For anyone who was wondering, yes the characters were based on Osama Bin Laden and Katie Holmes. It was an odd combination, but it was still fun. For anyone that wonders about my choice of location, trust me there is nothing but sand and a few tribesmen wandering the desert regions that I set the story in. That's why I set it there.

I do appreciate the attention that was given to this one by the few readers who seemed to enjoy it. JerseySpirit, AmberMarieee, beloved18; thanks for the support. I like to read your things too. Trekboy, this will give me more time to work on better stories that you will like more. You keep writing on the Bounty Hunter, so I have something to read.

For anyone who was wondering about the name Lilith; you would have to check out some of the stories that predate most of the bible. Some of the texts that speak of Lilith come from the Sumerians. Another good place to look is on the History Channel series, Banned From the Bible. I assure you, she was real, and she was Adam's first wife. Kind of makes you rethink the religious view of divorce, huh?

For the other women that were mentioned briefly in the story you can read about them in the Bible and I highly recommend it. There is no such thing as a famous writer that has no experience with religious literature. Rachel is in Genesis; Ruth is in the book of Ruth; and Deborah is in the book of Judges.

Anyway, I hope that my readers will continue to follow me through my love of writing fiction. Don't forget to periodically take a look back at The Ring of the Queen. I'm still working on the edits for that one, so that I can publish it.

Thanks for reading!