She - The Pleaser

Soft fingertips against the gravel,
It cuts her gentle, supple, sweet skin
Another one
Sitting in such a provocative position
She's trying to sell a little more
"Twenty for a blow,
Thrity for a fuck
Fourty from behind
And Fifty for an hour"
That's all,
Then she'll get just what she requires
What she's pining for
She's shaking
'One more,
And I'll get my fix'
She says under her breath
Sitting with her mini, jean skirt
That's been cut so the ends are ragged
Beginning to unravel
(just like her life)
Barely covering all her (hidden) treasures
A passerby, smoking on his cigarette
"Got one to bum, handsome?"
She receives a smirk and her thrown cigarette
Lights it with what little fuel she's got left
Takes the drag
There's the divine nicotine
Starting to settle in
Junkie for anything and everything
Destructive to her body and soul
Fuck her mind,
It was long gone, some time ago
Only got her heart left
But that's been stained with all the smoke
Smoke and elements of annihilation
She stands,
Body pressed up against the bricks of the worn down
Building up her pride
(pride of her job, gotta seduce her way)
She puts on some red lipstick
Pouts her luscious tainted lips barely holding up their place
Sees the customer coming
"Watcha need honey?"
She says with that opaque voice of her
"Come for a ride"
That's what the grubby, no good guy ordered her
"What's the cost, babe?"
No response
"Gotta know what you want"
No response
Just a shiny, gleaming rusted knife barely in view
"Come with me"
Startled she tries to shriek
"Nuh-uh uh"
Said the grubbster calmly
"Just as long as I get my money"
(Contaminated, tainted green-
So precious and spotless
To her cravings

"Oh you'll get much more"