I'm digging words into my notebook

Meaningless nothings derived from

Blistering emotions that are turning

Into scars stretched across my soul

Like your own cuts you so bravely

Unmask unto the world so they can

All take in your superiority when the

Dust that sits so softly on your picture

Means more to me than the peach sweet

Words falling from your mouth

Lies to make you seem more than you appear

You aren't as strong as they think

Though you embrace all that is wrong

With your very being, this life is nothing

More than a show to be performed

The audience fell in love with the character

The face behind the mask unknown


Who you really are I can't quite see but

Somehow I know that this isn't reality

Yet my time has now ended and your parade

Of a masquerade with eternally be dancing

Plastered faces of sincerity that love the

Imperfection you display wonderfully

I'm walking away now and throwing down

My own mask you removed for me so all could see

Even myself in the rusting mirrors hanging

Everywhere on your dance floor

Laughing at your own mockery

Your music is almost fading but I will always hear

The empty sound of your heartbeat