It's a Lover's Drug

I will try to love you another wayAlways going to put this salty, sweet
Moment to rest
You don't love me
Not like I love you
And you don't love me
And never will,
I'm going to try to love you another way
Or maybe just not love you at all
But how do I quit you?
I've never been able to get off this dirty
Habit of mine
It seems like it should be so easy
Like it was for you
And it kills me
How easy it was
For you.
But what doesn't kill me, well
It makes me stronger
But you're like the drug
To a crack-cocaine addict
And my body needs you
So now, I'm in detox
Detoxifying my body, mind and soul
But deep down
I don't wanna give you up
I still want this dirty habit of mine
I ain't ready to give you up
Not now, not after all these years
If not now,
When will this addict be able to
Give up her dirty place
Dirty drugs
Dirty love
I only want you to be addicted to me
Just like I'm addicted to you