At the insistence of a certain wolf, I present the Honorable Mention in the age 15-16 division of Tabatha Yeatt's Through the Keyhole writing contest. More information at www . threeleggeddragon . com / tabatha / keyhole (percent sign) 20contest . htm.

Inspired to the picture the contest was based off of and my own frustrations on what the world is not-so-slowly turning into.

Why the World is a Bad Place for Girls in White Dresses

is a long forgotten thing.
in this overcrowded world
of drugs and money and sex,
no one is untouched.

children used as arms dealers
in high profile cases
of molestation.
trade you for this one;
he fights.

TV rots the brain;
it's been said a million times,
but the thing never mentioned
is that the parts being rotted
(kindness, compassion, sympathy)
are replaced with new emotions
(anger, hatred, desire).
and those emotions are a
bitter poison,
spreading through the veins of society like

calm, cool, and collected,
the high class gang leaders
sit on their thrones of
fear and power;
at its finest.

leaders elected
by fixed polls
and corrupt politicians
send the world into a fight it's not ready for,
one to be fought by
their children's
and their children after.
this is a war no one can win,
for the mere fact
that it's fighting
security and democracy
in a way that makes
leaders of the past
roll in their graves.

the way society has become
is far from acceptable,
but no one can change
the past
and that's what would be required
to right all the wrongs committed.

is just a thing
glimpsed from afar,
not to be touched,
not to be soiled,
just to be seen
through a keyhole,
where it can never be