(Dead Upon Arrival) I am Just like Planet X

I was on the floor, and I was bleeding,
I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror,
A fucking wreck
Fucked like a car wreck.
And what am I?
Some stupid teenage girl with a broken heart?
What is your heart broken over?
It's broken over this world of cold and hate,
Broken over distrust, molds and the lack of change
Lack of spoken truth and originality,
Lack of peace and love

Oh but I love it when I bleed
And when I scream,
It's the most I've ever felt alive,
But I am dead as I walk through this life
And what's the worst that can come
From this painful memory of kisses and laughter
While I bleed and tear away
Weary under years of tire and thoughts
While I think of the butterflies you gave
Me, I was lying in the gutter
Head first, was a-maz-er
As my shiny halo of knives, reflecting death
Wishes, upon my arrival of heaven
For hell will rip me up and spit me out
Alive, but dead upon arrival

Waiting to discover,
Be discovered, I want to be Plant X
None of this Pluto shit,
And I'm dead upon arrival,
Ain't it costing much to go up and at it
When you're barely alive
Craving that sweet, delicate touch of those hands
Breathing slow and soft for a second before

Eye close
With the wish of a thousand regrets
Wishing, waiting, seeing
But it's all we want
But as I'm waiting to be discovered
Like that hidden Planet X
I hang tight on that last thread
Fed to me by my captor
Just like that eight-legged creeper
By the name of a spider
You build me up
Just to watch me fall

Leave me, leave me, I don't want to be weary
From waiting up all night
Thinking it
Through the dreary wind
Where's this Planet
Erase all havoc
I'm done with this chase
That builds me up
Only to watch me fall