Murder-boy's Why

He stabbed her outside her home,
She screamed, cried, pleaded her heart away
But nobody did a thing,
It didn't concern them, so they didn't do a thing
He loved her, but the child was not his
It boiled anger within him
He lashed out
He stole two lives
A baby, not yet born
Hadn't yet felt love
A young girl,
Hadn't yet become a woman,
He fucked it up with the mere smite
Of an erection and after so many drinks too
He only had one 'love' and destroyed it too
She get her lovers revenge
With the night of meaningless body talk
Talk and much moreIn and out
Both of them went about
Murder-boy, yeah he started it all
He stole their lives
His guilt took over
Shot his heart
Shot his heart
Down to the hard, bitter ground
He fell
Next to the shattered bottle of liquor
Next to the rose with the fallen petals
With the one word left with stained on his lips