Yesterday, a normal day,

I ventured on the ocean's bay,

To find a piece of driftwood's bark,

So vast and large, so sharp, so sharp,

I took my eye and peered inside

To find this branch was full of life,

Inside I gaped, and gasped, and lost myself, alas!

For I had uncovered a little world, so full of luster,

Inside my very own.

I leapt inside, to soar across its wondrous skies,

Its little nicks and knolls grew deep and wide,

Some stretched open as others closed,

Like many wooden mouths they breathed,

And filled the air with wooden glee.

Next, I looked down and found

Many footsteps upon the ground,

Wondrous voice and song so loud,

Filled the air with so much sound,

There I landed and pranced and danced,

And followed footfalls through the halls

Of wooden walls, so tall, so tall,

And there I stood, so still, so stiff,

Enchanted with this living myth,

For this is where I found the nymphs!

They danced and pranced, as in a trance,

The stiffness left with their waking glance,

And I lay upon the flowerbeds,

There they stopped and laid their heads,

To rest within the flowered beds,

And so we stayed that wooden day,

When thoughts so curious came to me-

I realized, as we all agreed,

I realized I should never leave.

Thus there I stayed

From then until this very day,

The newest of these wondrous nymphs,

Forever dancing, ever-drifting,

Upon the ocean's living waves,

On its ever-changing bay.