You Don't Know Me.

Baby. Stupid. Loser. That's what they all say. All of them- Anna, Miranda, Alex, Ryan, Chris, Stacy, April, Steven. Not one of them has ever offered any interest in me, besides what they can taunt me with. Through primary, and elementry, and now junior high, I have not gone a day without some jeer thrown at me, some insult bounced off of me. All because I belive in magic.

Go ahead. Laugh. That's what all the other kids did when Ms. McDonald asked us what we liked most on the first day of primary. I said magic. Big deal. Other kids said cars, or trucks, or dinosaurs, or dolls. Why couldn't I say magic? And it's true, too. I can see them. I really can! Maybe you could too, if you weren't so blinded with reality. I've seen Faeries build nests. I've seen a Unicorn drink from a stream. I've seen the Dragons dancing, Gnomes digging, Gryphons bowing. I've spoken to them too, but mostly I just watch. Why am I telling you? It's not like you care. It's not as if tomorrow I want to be stamped on my words that fly so freely.Teachers? They can't help. They've voted, got a job, a house. They were succsesful in life. Succsesful people can't help me. I don't need to be helped. I just need a place where I can start over, exactly the same, except I'd have a secret. If kids don't belive me, adults definetly wont. I'd be sent away to a hospital with people trying to help me. Whatever.

But for now, I'll just rtudge through. It's not as if they can actually, truly hurt me. To really hurt someone, you have to know them. Really know them.

You can't hurt me.

You don't know me.