Author's Note-Okay, so this is my first attempt at a children's story, and this is also my first story at Fictionpress. It's a couple years old and I hope that it's decent. I also know it's a bit out of season, but who doesn't love Christmas?

Once upon a pet shop there was a little puppy name Max. Max lived in the town pet shop with many other animals. There was a lot of excitement in the puppy pen about Christmas. All of the puppies were waiting for a family to adopt them.

"Ha! We'll be the first ones with families," boasted the Husky Brothers.

"No! The people will adopt us first," said the Dalmatian Twins. The retriever sisters didn't pay any attention to the loudly arguing pairs. They were playing tag with each other in the pen. Sitting quietly on his own feeling very alone was Max. The little puppy wanted badly to have a home but he was afraid that he might end up with bad people.

"You pups won't be adopted! People don't like dogs," screeched the mean parrot named Pistachio. Iggy the iguana turned to Pistachio and said,

"Quit! You always tell the new pups that and they always get a home," Iggy then turned to the pups and said, "Don't listen to him, he's just a mean old bird. "

As the days rapidly passed two of the puppies were adopted. By Mid-December the Dalmatian twins left together with the same family. A week from Christmas only Max, one of the Husky brothers and one of the Retriever sisters remained. Three days before Christmas the last Husky brother was taken. Max and Susan, the retriever sister, were the only ones left. Max and Susan were very sad.

"Haha! I told you that you wouldn't find homes!" cackled Pistachio. Even Iggy felt that the puppies might end up homeless.

However, both Iggy and Pistachio were to be proven wrong when, on Christmas Eve, a jolly old man wearing red came in. Max and Susan were frightened of the man at first, but they soon realized the could trust him when he boomed, "Come here my little friends. Come here and I will take you to you families that wish for you to be with them." Max and Susan couldn't believe their ears.

"What? Are you really going to take us to families that want us?!" they asked is surprise. The old man nodded as he scooped them up into his big arms and carried them outside to a sleigh. It was curious thing for attached to the front of it were eight reindeer. The man climbed into the sleigh and set Max and Susan next to him.

"On Dasher!, On Dancer!, On Prancer!, On Vixen, On Comet, On Cupid, On Donner and Blitzen!" the man called to the reindeer. Suddenly, they we're up in the air and looking down on their little city.

The man, or Santa Clause as most boys and girls know him, quietly lowered the sleigh onto several houses before he finally took Susan with him into one. He came out alone and sat next to Max before repeating his call to the reindeer.

Max rode in the sleigh with Santa until nearly sunrise. He was finally picked up and went down the chimney with Santa. Inside there was a little boy asleep on a couch. Santa set Max next to the boy and waved goodbye before disappearing quickly back up the chimney. Max excitedly woke Luke, the little boy, up. Luke was very happy about Max's sudden appearance, and Max was happy to finally have a family. From then on Man and Luke were inseparable. They lived happily ever after just down the street from the little pet shop that let them both meet.